Birthday’s were the worst days….


Living the MOM life…

Today I was chatting with another mom about some things and somehow we drifted into working away from home…. once upon a time that was me…. anyway, at the end of our chat she said, “it was so nice to have an adult conversation.”

OH MY WORD!! She is totally not kidding. Given it was through messenger but still we were kinda sorta talking as I was throwing things back to the kids in the back seat while sitting in the car line…. 7 more weeks of that by the way… can’t tell you how excited that makes me. Another friend was all buzz kill when she said “but there is only 8 weeks of summer”, to which I replied, “by then they will more than likely be sitting on the curb of the elementary school because I couldn’t deal anymore. {true story}


When I worked outside the home, I feel like I took those “adult convo’s” for granted.  Now, I am home all day, rarely do I have an actual phone conversation thanks to the comfort of texting and these online “mom communities”,  I mean seriously, I have to “schedule” calls to make sure they coordinate with nap time and in the event that I have to take a call, like today, I find myself setting them up with a cartoon and enough snacks and juice to occupy them for the duration of my 15 minute conversation.

I usually make all my calls, like for appointments and stuff, from my office…. aka my mini van, while sitting in the car line because on a great day they fall asleep from the house to the school… on a GREAT day… that’s not often.

And, when on the phone, I have learned to keep it short and sweet and take advantage of bluetooth and the mute button (for those moments I am sure will happen and I have to “encourage” them to be quite)

Seriously, where did my social life go. Unless, my friends come to me, I see no one and and unless they text me I talk to no one…. because my phone is usually occupied by someone who only uses it for gaming purposes or decides to hide it…. {another true story}

So, I found this “job” that allows me to work from home and requires me to talk to adults, about a product that I love and I realize now that I mostly do it for the chance to talk to other grown ups.

Whatever will I do when the kids are ALL in school…. I know!!!! I am going to call everyone in my contacts list and just chat! I am not sure what I will talk about seeing that the last 10 years of my life have been, Mickey Mouse, Backyardigans, Elsa and Anna, Legos, Matchbox cars and Baby Dolls…. That is going to be the most interesting of conversations.

OK before I sign off, If you are not Thriving let me recommend it again. I have found something that allows me to no longer be a Zombie mama, allows me to keep up with them without feeling like they have laid the smack down, and allows me to take a few extra minutes once they have all been tucked in without fighting sleep. And then when I lay my head down, I drift off into a peaceful, restful sleep, thanks to the melatonin that is released… I am loving my Thriving Experience. I get to stay home, make a little extra money and love a fabulous product….


  Start Your Thrive Experience HERE

Cheers to all the mamas who read more conversations than speak them ♥♥


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Venti with a Triple Shot


Recently on a rainy day I met up with some other mama’s at an indoor playground with 7 kids in tow (I only gave birth to 4 of them, the others just appeared in the van) between the ages of 9 and 2.


Some may call me crazy, others may call me brave but my response is always the same… “what’s one more?”

I just ran through Starbucks (told them not to ask for a thing because the answer was no, hey, I was already taking them to play) and asked for a Venti over ice with 3 extra shots of espresso. The lady taking my order said, “are you sure?? It already comes with 3 shots!” I laughed {who is she to question my espresso addiction  habit  consumption….}

So, because my mama raised me right I politely in my very best “bless your heart” voice said “yes, I am very sure”.

When I pulled up to the window with all 7 kids going crazy in the back, I think she realized I knew what I was talking about and that she probably should have kept her barista comments to herself. ** Dear Mr. Starbucks trainer person, please instruct your future Barista’s NEVER to question a mama’s coffee choices. It’s rude! **

Needless to say that after that play date was over, my drink was all gone and my sanity was still in tact … that is why I ordered the extra.

When I had Braxton I was a nervous wreck kinda mama. I questioned all my choices. Worried that I wasn’t doing things like the other mama’s did, reading every book I could get my hands on and calling my mama ALL THE TIME.

Then he got sick, very sick and I realized that I had this natural maternal instinct that a book wasn’t going to teach me to use.

Eventually, he would get so sick he couldn’t move and the house became eerily quiet, there were no toys and no giggles through the house. It was my awakening as a mama. I stopped fussing over the house being exactly put together ALL the time. I let the toys be, I took time to play rather than clean, I took time to listen rather than fuss.

When Zoe came along I was a little more lax. Albeit, I was a germ-a-phobe because of Braxton, but I had a different outlook.

By the time the boys came along, 17 months apart, I threw my hands up in the air and decided to fly by the seat of my pants.

I don’t fuss over the things that don’t really matter a ton. I look at my kids and say “self… do those rugrats, look happy…. yes, they do … well done mama”

So, have a huge cup of whatever gets you through, for some it’s almond milk with some kinda green blended stuff {ugh, I will spare you my facial expressions on that one}, for me it’s a “big gulp” of some sort of strong coffee, at least twice a day, and for some life is rainbows and unicorns and things just flow {to those people I wanna be just like you one day}… enjoy the small things, the clothes they picked out on their own, the Kool-Aid mustaches, sneaking them cookies before dinner. Sometimes have cake for breakfast…. I promise this is a game changer.

Take time to listen, and write everything down {who cares if people on social media think you are annoying}, I know that one day too soon I am going to blink and my babies will not be babies anymore, then I will be bored and living on a single shot.

For now I will enjoy the Venti moments.

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