6 years ago, we moved 500 miles from a busy city in North Carolina to a small farm town in Southern Indiana.

At the time we only had 2 children and we took a huge leap of faith to start over from scratch. Somehow (by the grace of a MIGHTY God) I stopped working and took on the full time job of mama and Barber’s wife. I learned quickly the meaning of frugal.

My husband opened up a barbershop in town and  from that moment on we have lived on faith, believing that everything would work out. {and …. it has}

Our oldest “monkey” was diagnosed with Leukemia in 2009 and we just needed a fresh start once he was in the clear.

6 years later, The barbershop is booming, we have added 2 more little monkeys and I have become best friends with my kitchen. Baking being my first love but cooking in general being my niche.

I love my Jesus, I love my “barber”, I love being mama to my barbershop quartet, I love the craziness that is them, I love (OK, I can’t live without) coffee, I have a small addiction to cake, I enjoy writing very much, I love to be in my kitchen, I love to laugh…. it’s a crazy life, a disorderly life, but Oh My Word! I wouldn’t trade it for all the world.





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