Spring Break!

My kids are 10,8,6, and 4 can someone tell me WHY they need a 2 week “break” from school.

Is it really so taxing and trying that they need to sit at home for 2 weeks and do absolutely nothing stimulating??

I get it! Everyone needs a rest but isn’t that what weekends are for??? Spring break sets them up for real life disappointment.

I don’t get 2 weeks off to lay around in my PJs while someone fixes me pizza rolls and I binge watch YouTube videos of people doing random stuff.

But let’s give it to them anyway.

After 2 days they are “booooooorrred” with “nothing to do” {I mean they only have every toy at Walmart}, so then I feel obligated to push aside my daily routine of semi cleaning to take them somewhere exciting. Where, once they arrive, after 15 minutes they are BOOOOOORRRED again. Y’all it’s a vicious cycle that seriously never ends!

I love my children dearly (they are still alive and still in my possession DON’T tell me I don’t care) I enjoy seeing them happy but if they scream at each other or tell me they are bored one more time I may give them to the circus!

Spring Break!! A lovely time to go broke AND insane!!!


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