The Grinch

Ok…. Christmas is a chaotic time of year for sure!

BUT even more so if you are a mama! Seriously!  There is so much pressure.

I have one who has “figured out” Santa and keeping that smarty pants from explaining things to his siblings is like keeping kids out of the candy bowl.

He’s too smart and I blame it on him losing all his teeth earlier than most.

Also, lets hit on this stupid Elf situation. For 2 years I have managed to convince my kids that we too had an elf but he was too scared to come in and that he watches them from the safety of the window outside. That worked fabulous and then my friend so graciously gifted us an elf. Now our elf is boring, still chicken, and rarely moves. Unless I cleverly decide to put him on the ceiling fan (insert loud gasps)

My sweet Cabby, who typically always has a coat on and is always complaining about it being cool, decided he was suddenly overheated, in the middle of December.
He turns the fan on, Elroy the Elf went flying. I was so frustrated that I grabbed him up off the floor and tossed him behind the couch. The kids encircled poor Caleb, like a witch in Salem, and kept chanting “ELF MURDERER”!! I felt so bad for him that I decided to bring it back in a jar the next morning to keep my sweet boy from being blackballed the rest of Christmas.

Ya’ll!! Remember when Christmas was less stressful. In MY HEAD I always invision us singing sweet songs around the tree as we sip cocoa and eat gingerbread cookies… who am I kidding!

Does this really happen??

Our tree currently looks like someone slipped “special EggNog” into the tree stand instead of water. It’s leaning to the left. the star is hanging on by a thread and half the ornaments have fallen off and the lights are sagging. It kind of reminds me of my uncle after good Christmas party. And I am counting down the days till I can take the massive monstrosity down and set it on fire!!!

I mean we walked all over the tree farm to find this giant potted plant. And now I want it gone!

And today, the kids enjoyed class parties, it’s winter break time… they got sugared up out the wazoo and now they will be home for 2 weeks and bored with the toys they “just had to have” 2 days after Christmas. Some mothers enjoy this 2 weeks and are sad to see them go back but ME!! I will be the first one in the drop off line on January 3rd!

Seriously, I love Christmas. I love how excited they get but those days leading up …. I can understand the Grinch, and The Scrooge.

Bah HumBug and Merry Christmas from a ranting mama!


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