Truth is…

For as long as I can remember, nothing has ever come easy for me.

I don’t say that for pity or for sad faces because through it all I have been made an overcomer.

As a little girl my sister and I lived in deplorable conditions of domestic violence and poverty. My sweet mama worked so very hard to give the 2 of us the world, often times sacrificing things for herself. She married a horrible person, who in turn made it horrible for us.
But, we made it out.  I met and married my husband, my knight in shining armour, in time having 4 of the most awesome kids created. And, my little sister, she is now a mama, wife and career woman. And my mama, well, she waited a long time but FINALLY someone good came her way too. We worked our tails off to get to where we are.
We are overcomers.


One thing that my mom instilled in us was to be grateful for EVERYTHING that we had, never bully or put others down, do unto others, and to always smile even in the darkest times. And we have… and we still do!  She never let us feel that we were entitled to anything, nothing was ever handed to us. We have worked for everything that we have.

Even with children it hasn’t been an easy road, as you know our oldest had Leukemia, he is the ultimate OVERCOMER. Caleb has had issues along the way and when Alex was born he was blue and now he is an asthmatic. All manageable. But even in Braxton’s darkest hours, we taught him to say please and thank you and to smile, and to always be thankful for things that were given to him. A very wise doctor told us in the beginning that a lot of times the sickness can overshadow morals and that it was important to keep him grounded and that is what we have tried to do.

But, they are kids and they are not perfect, and sometimes they can be downright mean… BUT again I say, “they are kids”… that’s what they do and our jobs as parents is to correct the rotten ways and make them productive, hardworking citizens of society.

As an adult it amazes me on a daily basis how entitled some people are. They feel like they can say anything that they want, they don’t care how it makes someone else feel. They can shrug and act like their actions have no consequences and they act like the world is theirs for the taking. I hope that as my children grow older they are never ugly to someone else, that they always support their friends and family, I hope that they always smile, hold doors for other people, use their manners and think before they speak.

One thing that I have been telling them over and over lately is that when you say something to someone that is hurtful, even though you say, “I’m sorry” and they forgive you it’s not forgotten, those words are always etched into someone’s mind and it may forever change their perception of you as time marches on.

I try very hard to be nice, supportive, loving and kind… because in my mind that is what a Christian person should be.

I know that life is too short to spend energy putting people down. I have worked to hard, been through too many valleys and fought too many giants to let small minded people get in my way.


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