Summer …Lovin?

At the end of the school year, I am so excited.
I look forward to not having to go out first thing in the morning and I look forward to pajama days.


I envision them happy and loving and sweet….

Then we go on our first vacation together and I have a whole new respect for teachers and I miss them… I actually miss them. I am tempted to call them up and chat and tell them how much they meant to me for 180 glorious days.

I love my children and I love the time that we spend together… I mean, come on! I travel with them ALONE multiple times a year. I must love them dearly… right?!

But then…

the first week of summer is over and suddenly that image that I had of them, you know the one, they get along and love each other and they play games and never fight and they share… annnnndddd

who am I kidding that only happens in books and pod families! I said it, and I’m not taking it back!!!

Instead of dancing in fields of flowers together singing in harmony, I find myself ringside of the best MMA fight in the county!!!

This ^^^^^ is what I get instead!

Someone needs to call ESPN because this is way better and not even I know who is going to win.  Conor McGregor and Ronda Rousey ain’t got nothin’ on the Barbershop Quartet!

I make threats… “don’t touch each other again”, “don’t even look at each other”, “one more time”  or  “I’m not even kidding” and my favorite “go to your room and when you decide you know how to act like civilized little people you can come out!”
5 minutes later… “OK, we figured it out”

They are all in different weight classes but I’m serious when I say they hold their own. Even the baby! He’s probably the best of all of them. His short stature and quick moves make him a frontrunner in every match….

Zoe has even requested braids so the boys can’t get her hair…. what 7 year old knows this?!?!

I do believe that I am getting them all jump ropes and kick bags for Christmas… skills like this shouldn’t be wasted… I have 4 million dollar babies on my hands. I’m just kidding…

I will say, that I have 4 little Jekyll and Hydes on my hands… when we get them all cleaned up, shirts tucked in, hair perfectly in place, and take them in public they have amazing social skills, they have the best manners and they carry themselves like perfect little angels… not the savages that I am home with all day.

SOOO…. to all you mama’s out there lovin’ summer already….

Here’s to 7 long weeks of summer left… hopefully they all still have their teeth and nothing gets broken…. OH!! And we got them a trampoline last year… whhhhyyy did I do such foolishness…. that just encourages the madness.

Disclaimer:::: Such shenanigans are never EVER encouraged and typically they hug it out in the end and to date the only thing that has been injured is my poor lamp…. 2 times 😦



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….It’s the middle that counts the most….

I just embarked on a 10 hour trip alone with 5 kids under the age of 10!!!


Here’s what I have learned traveling alone with kids for the past 7 years….

  1. NO ONE EVER has to pee at the same time… no matter if you took them in or not, as soon as you get on the road, regardless if everyone tried and went, 15 minutes down the road, as soon as you start making decent time again, from the back seat you are sure to hear “I have to poop!!!!”
    Me: “Why didn’t you go 15 minutes ago?!”
    Reply: (I promise this is a true story) “I forgot” ….
  2. Someone is always touching someone else resulting in an argument and, in my case, something flying to the front of the car, and when asked who did that, I hear a unanimous “they did!!!”
  3. I must have said, “I’m pulling this car over, I’ve had it!!” 1,111,223,234,534 times
  4. “I’m Bored” is the car mantra
  5. “I’m starving” is a close second
  6. When we stop the car that was once clean, it looks like every snack bag and lego bag has exploded in the back seat.
  7. no one can EVER find their shoes!!! No matter how in advance I let them know that we are stopping, someone always has a missing shoe!!!
    side note: one time I thought that I really had my act together… got them all out of the car, walked them holding hands like angels into a McDonalds, got to the restroom only to realize #3 was missing his shoes … it happens!!
  8. They never nap at the same time… they go in shifts and this makes me picking the radio station non existent for 10 hours!
  9. Drive through orders are a nightmare for me and for the poor fella taking our order
  10. And no matter how crazy the trip was… I will still tell everyone that my children are the best travelers in the world!


I managed to go on this trip (with an extra kid in tow might I add), run them here and there, take care of 3 sick kids that decided to fall ill, days apart, take them all into different bathrooms along the route, get everyone’s order right in the drive thru and I didn’t forget anyone!!! I am super woman for sure! 🙂


On another note… bittersweet, I tucked in a 3 year old for the last time ever! It’s a little sad but almost like opening a new chapter. As my sweet baby turns 4 tomorrow, suddenly he is not so little anymore. He will start preschool in the fall and he will slowly become more independent. He will slowly become a little boy and not mama’s baby any more and then a new chapter will open for me. I know that my family is complete, I don’t have that longing for another baby, but I do miss my babies being …. babies.  It is interesting going into this new part of life. The part where everyone is more independent and not reliant on me for every little thing, but as a mama, you secretly long to be needed always. I love taking care of my quartet. I love watching them grow and learn and I often think what a great honor it is, that I was chosen for this role in life. Tomorrow we will celebrate my baby, Alexander Blake. Tonight I will stand in his doorway and watch him go from 3 to 4 and watch as my baby boy silently grows up on me.

Momin’ ain’t easy but I do it with so much pride and gratitude.

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