What Motivates You!?! 

Tonight the Quartet needed some motivation! 

So I confiscated the Mega gun {that hurts like a beast at close range} and motivated the crew! 

NEVER have I seen them move so fast! It was quite entertaining as I shot “warning shots” in the air. 

Motivation …. we all need it at some point. I needed a pep talk the other day so I called up the little sister and chatted with her for an hour! I miss her terribly most days and I can’t imagine not having her in my life. She is usually the one to encourage me and nicely tell me what I NEED to hear {sometimes what I don’t want to hear}. 

In the end, I get off the phone missing her way more than I did but I feel better, I am motivated to move on with whatever I was dealing with. 

I am the flightiest person the Lord ever created. I could have had 17 degrees in life if I would have stayed the course I was on, but I usually get distracted, take “time off”… and in the end I decided on a mom job! I am not motivated to ever take up the school route again. 

I would have been a great pirate! I could have traveled here and there never having a main route just seeking the treasures of life. 

My kids most definitely motivate me, mostly because I have to do the adulting to get them through the kid stuff… they usually look at me like I’m a crazy person, but in this thing called life I refuse to take everything serious. That’s why we have dance parties to make everything better. One day they will remember these moments I am sure because those are the kinds of moments I remember. 

And I am sure they will one day laugh at the moments I chased them through the house with a mega gun too 🙂  

I am motivated daily to be the best mama ever! That is part of the reason I love Thrive so much… it gives me the opportunity to love my kids and play with them the way they deserve not just the way I feel. 

I want to look back one day and remember these moments….

Motivation for another crazy day tomorrow …. 

                   the Barbers Wife 


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