A little Slumber! 

Me and another mama took on a hotel sleepover with 8 little ladies last night. 

If I wasn’t Thriving I do not believe that my 31 year old (not so young anymore) self couldn’t have hung on as long as I did! 

Zoe and her little friends ate junk food, giggled and danced, swam and giggled some more until the wee hours of the morning. Eventually they started dropping one after another and then we crashed too. Then, up bright and early this morning, when they were going full throttle again. 

Sheesh!!! To have half the energy of a 7 year old again!

The Saturday before Easter is always so busy for us… once Eron came home we loaded up and have shopped the day away! Now as the quartet snores a sweet little melody in the back seat I finally have a minute to recoup! 

I ain’t the same young whipper snapper I once was and those girls gave me a run for my money, but watching Zoe giggle in a testosterone free environment made all of today’s minor aches and pains worth it!!!  

We finished up the night with dinner with some good friends and tomorrow will surely bring on new challenges but for now I am going to remember the success of today! 


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