Spring into vacation

Sometimes it is so easy to get caught up in the every day hoopla. 

That is why I love breaks from … life!

I often travel with just me and my 4 monkeys {the barber has a business to run … I have roads to run} … a lot of people think I am completely looney but they actually travel well. 

Now, bathroom breaks are interesting but traveling with boys often has its perks 😜. 

 Current situation at 1130 at night, Zoe is cuddled up to her Papaw ad Nana in their bed and I have 3 boys crowded into my queen size bed! There are plenty of other beds in this house but keeping me company is the best option!

They love me and I am never lonely that is for sure. “Papaw and Nana’s” is my first stop, I am dropping off the older 2 and then tomorrow I head out to North Carolina with my little guys, I am there until Wednesday and then we are off on another adventure as we head to South Carolina to meet up with the fam again until Friday and then back home to Indiana. 

I’m a little tired thinking about Friday. 

I love an adventure and with these kids I hope there are many adventures together. The memories, the laughs and sometimes threats of being left on the side of the road… just kidding, I would never leave them on the side of the road…. for long…. unless they spilt my coffee and then I would consider it. {Just kidding again…. I guess}

Follow me this week as you see just how nutty things get with this crew.


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