A case of the… Thursdays???

Some days {like today} are not always unicorns and rainbows.

Some days, the kids do NOT  cooperate, the coffee isn’t strong enough, the car doesn’t start, at least one kid is sick and refuses to be put down, some days it’s cold and rainy and all you want to do is stay in pajamas and go NO WHERE!

Today was that day for me.

I promise, nothing went the way that I wanted it to. The kids were not their typical selves. I suppose this comes from the trip we took last weekend and getting back into a routine. But seriously, I wanted to cry.


I could have called AAA but it was way more fun to call up my friend and get her out of bed plus she was way faster. (love my friends)  Why does stuff like this happen when you are already running behind? UGH!

But I didn’t put my pajamas back on and get back under the covers, instead, I “cowgirled” up, turned the music up really loud, had a little dance party, brewed an extra strong cup of coffee and paddled on. Eventually the sun came out and the kids came home semi normal and I am on my 5th cup but all is well.

PS…. I am originally from NC, we have fabulous barbecue there, amazing food, sweet tea that is made “right” but until my dear friends from Louisiana introduced me to the wonderful flavor of Community Coffee… this ole girl didn’t know what I was missing.  The bold flavor and that unique hint of Chicory that made it smooth and “just right”. I love my coffee and I love it so much that I have pretty much decided that this is my coffee of choice, even if I have to have it ordered and auto delivered, I sure will. While I was in Louisiana over the weekend,  I bought 3 HUGE bags, that should last about 2 months. Anyway… y’all try this stuff it’s fabulous.


On another random note, today I looked across the room and saw poor little Alex standing there in pajamas, all frail and red faced. Sick was written all over him. I got choked up. I am sad that my baby is sick but not to the point of tears.


I promise I had a flash back to Braxton at the same age. My heart started to race and I felt a silent tear roll down my face. I caught myself, came back to reality and went on but the reality is as a mom of a, once, very sick child, the PTSD is real. It’s not just for soldiers or those who have had a near death experience, it’s for mama’s and caretakers that walked through the fire with their kids too.

I have to say that when my boys get sick, the worry and the panic is there more so than with Zoe. I don’t connect her and Braxton together that way. But I go into some other realm of crazy with the boys. I don’t know if other mama’s do this but for me it’s real and sometimes emotionally scary.

Zoe had the flu last week and I will say that if everyone got the flu she had it would never make the news and the CDC would call it cured. She is probably the toughest {almost} 7 year old that I know. Perhaps that is why I don’t worry about her. She doesn’t need me to.  I am rambling. That is just the type of day that I have had, a rambling mess of a day.

I will end with a quote from a book…. “I am having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. Tomorrow will be better, I know it!

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