Spring into vacation

Sometimes it is so easy to get caught up in the every day hoopla. 

That is why I love breaks from … life!

I often travel with just me and my 4 monkeys {the barber has a business to run … I have roads to run} … a lot of people think I am completely looney but they actually travel well. 

Now, bathroom breaks are interesting but traveling with boys often has its perks 😜. 

 Current situation at 1130 at night, Zoe is cuddled up to her Papaw ad Nana in their bed and I have 3 boys crowded into my queen size bed! There are plenty of other beds in this house but keeping me company is the best option!

They love me and I am never lonely that is for sure. “Papaw and Nana’s” is my first stop, I am dropping off the older 2 and then tomorrow I head out to North Carolina with my little guys, I am there until Wednesday and then we are off on another adventure as we head to South Carolina to meet up with the fam again until Friday and then back home to Indiana. 

I’m a little tired thinking about Friday. 

I love an adventure and with these kids I hope there are many adventures together. The memories, the laughs and sometimes threats of being left on the side of the road… just kidding, I would never leave them on the side of the road…. for long…. unless they spilt my coffee and then I would consider it. {Just kidding again…. I guess}

Follow me this week as you see just how nutty things get with this crew.


We need some time….


It’s Spring Break for my kiddos, and I ain’t gonna lie, we have been so very lazy. We have slept in {for this house that means until 8 am}, we have stayed in PJ’s ALL day, had cake for breakfast, listened to music extra loud and played games and then later we had more cake.

We had to decompress after the crazy past few weeks. I feel like we have been going about a million miles an hour since the end of January and I was ready for a few days of R & R with my monkeys.

Yesterday we HAD to go out and the boys only question… “do we HAVE to wear pants?” … I had to think about it for a minute and settled on yes, mostly because it was 32 degrees outside. These are my favorite kind of days.

I love laughing with them and making simple memories that don’t require a lot of hullabaloo.

Rewind to Monday, Miss Z turned 7! I look at her some days and wonder when she got to be so big and then realize that she has never been “little”. It saddens me some days because when she was little, Braxton was terribly sick and a lot of my time and energy went into taking care of him. She spent a great deal of her baby years with my husbands parents and in the process I have created this extremely independent and sassy little lady.  We celebrated with Chick Fil A for breakfast, shopping and later a trip to the eye doctor {cause you go when you can}, and ended with a girls date to Starbucks, her favorite meal and cake {always cake}.

Zoe is a treasure, she blessed us with her light in a very dark time and she has never ceased to shine for us. She loves the simple things. We got a small phone book in the mail the other day and this amazed her to no end. She was intrigued with the book  of “all the people in the world” {because our small town of 12,000 is her world}. She meandered through it all day and study all the names.

Now, with her preciousness comes a new world that I do not know much about. She is so emotional suddenly. EVERYTHING makes her cry. I don’t remember being so emotional as a girl. She looked at me yesterday after an emotional “lost brush” {Veggie Tales, OH WHERE IS MY HAIRBRUSH}  incident and said “mom, I think we need some time apart! I think I should go to Nana’s for a couple of weeks”. At the time I probably would have called up Nana and sent her on her way, I can say this I will surely be in much prayer as her teenage years get closer.


Shirt from Zulily

Zoe is also getting glasses. She will be the only one in the house to have them and she is beyond thrilled. She makes me smile knowing that her happiness comes from such unexpected areas.

Tomorrow, we leave for a week of vacation time, I get to travel to NC to see my family that I have missed terribly and then we will finish out the week in Georgia,  Hilton Head and Parris Island.

I enjoy my trips with my monkeys, as crazy  as we are when we get home I wouldn’t trade these moments and memories for anything.

Happy Spring Break

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A case of the… Thursdays???

Some days {like today} are not always unicorns and rainbows.

Some days, the kids do NOT  cooperate, the coffee isn’t strong enough, the car doesn’t start, at least one kid is sick and refuses to be put down, some days it’s cold and rainy and all you want to do is stay in pajamas and go NO WHERE!

Today was that day for me.

I promise, nothing went the way that I wanted it to. The kids were not their typical selves. I suppose this comes from the trip we took last weekend and getting back into a routine. But seriously, I wanted to cry.


I could have called AAA but it was way more fun to call up my friend and get her out of bed plus she was way faster. (love my friends)  Why does stuff like this happen when you are already running behind? UGH!

But I didn’t put my pajamas back on and get back under the covers, instead, I “cowgirled” up, turned the music up really loud, had a little dance party, brewed an extra strong cup of coffee and paddled on. Eventually the sun came out and the kids came home semi normal and I am on my 5th cup but all is well.

PS…. I am originally from NC, we have fabulous barbecue there, amazing food, sweet tea that is made “right” but until my dear friends from Louisiana introduced me to the wonderful flavor of Community Coffee… this ole girl didn’t know what I was missing.  The bold flavor and that unique hint of Chicory that made it smooth and “just right”. I love my coffee and I love it so much that I have pretty much decided that this is my coffee of choice, even if I have to have it ordered and auto delivered, I sure will. While I was in Louisiana over the weekend,  I bought 3 HUGE bags, that should last about 2 months. Anyway… y’all try this stuff it’s fabulous.


On another random note, today I looked across the room and saw poor little Alex standing there in pajamas, all frail and red faced. Sick was written all over him. I got choked up. I am sad that my baby is sick but not to the point of tears.


I promise I had a flash back to Braxton at the same age. My heart started to race and I felt a silent tear roll down my face. I caught myself, came back to reality and went on but the reality is as a mom of a, once, very sick child, the PTSD is real. It’s not just for soldiers or those who have had a near death experience, it’s for mama’s and caretakers that walked through the fire with their kids too.

I have to say that when my boys get sick, the worry and the panic is there more so than with Zoe. I don’t connect her and Braxton together that way. But I go into some other realm of crazy with the boys. I don’t know if other mama’s do this but for me it’s real and sometimes emotionally scary.

Zoe had the flu last week and I will say that if everyone got the flu she had it would never make the news and the CDC would call it cured. She is probably the toughest {almost} 7 year old that I know. Perhaps that is why I don’t worry about her. She doesn’t need me to.  I am rambling. That is just the type of day that I have had, a rambling mess of a day.

I will end with a quote from a book…. “I am having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. Tomorrow will be better, I know it!

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WeLcOmE to the NuT HoUsE


Many moons ago when I first got married to the barber my first job was on a Geriatric Psych Floor. There, I was a Nurses Assistant. It was my very first job and I had NO idea what I was getting into. I just knew that I was ready for adventure and I needed a job. There I met amazing nurses and nurse techs that taught me a thing or 2 about life and, though I didn’t realize it then, a thing or two about motherhood.

The person that said “nothing prepares you for motherhood” never spent 5, 12 hour nights in a row on a psych floor.


Working there I learned to stay awake all night long.
Being a mom, I learned that sleep isn’t really as necessary as they claim it to be.

In Psych I learned that bed alarms are the most annoying thing in the world and that no one stays in the bed when they are supposed to.

In psych I learned to deal with patients who whined about EVERYTHING.
As a mama, kids whine about EVERYTHING!!!!

Working psych, I have had patients use the bathroom in inappropriate places … i.e. the corner in the hall.
Being a mom, I have had children use the bathroom in inappropriate places… i.e. the front yard or in the middle of a crowded park.

Working psych, I have had patients lose there temper and throw things across the room.
Being a mama, I have had children throw things across the room {today in fact}

Working psych, you learn to properly restrain out of control patients.
Being a mama, you restrain them often, usually in the car, a playpen, with “baby gates” or you bribe them… what ever works!

Working psych you learn sneaky ways to get a patient to take all there medicine.
Being a mama, you use those skills learned to the best of your ability.

Working psych, I have had patients walk down the hallway missing clothing.
Being a mama, when you ask them where there clothes are, they reply “it’s underpants day!” to which you reply “alrighty then!”

On a psych floor, you learn to always have your guard up.
As a mama, they rarely fool me.

On a psych floor, patients yell obscenities at you and call you names you may not like.
As a mama, “poop face” is a term of endearment from one brother to the next and you learn to go with it.

Working psych, I heard some of the best stories, some made up, some real.
As a mama, those stories make the best bed time stories.

Working psych, I had patients that made my day.
Being a mama, they make my day everyday.

And lets not forget those wonderful first aid skills we had to learn, like CPR and the Heimlich maneuver {which by the way I have had to use 3 times}.  How many mama’s can say they know that.

So you “Pinterest mama’s” can have your pies and cookies and crafts. I can get my kids to take there medicine and when I get funny looks at a store because one of my kids have their underwear on the outside of their pants, I know how to go with it. Thank you, to my Psych floor experience.

Later on, I went to work OB with another amazing group of ladies and I learned so much there. I learned patience and I learned how to turn a room over quickly. I learned how to keep my cool when the going got tough and I learned not to spazz out when things got a little crazy. I learned that “family” goes much much deeper than blood because to this day, I have an amazing family of friends that taught me everything I needed to know about being a mama before I was a mama.

From my nut house to yours… toodles.

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