Traveling Band

So let me start by saying that I love that I have the opportunity to travel with my band of crazies. I love the memories we make, the places we see and that we have the means to these things. BUT…. 

Getting there is another story! 

First, if you have children under the age of “independent teenagers” then you know you can’t just simply pack and be done it is a week long affair. Sure we may only be going a couple of days but with kids the formula for packing is — figure out how many days you will be gone and double that — because something will surely happen and if you don’t abide by this formula you will find yourself in Walmart at midnight buying a new wardrobe after little Johnny decided to jump in a mud puddle, or puke all over the back seat on the way to said destination. Trust me, this stuff happens, you live and you learn…. true story. 

Second, if you are like me, and you probably are not because most mama’s have there act together… complete with activity packets and road trip game boxes and a complete road trip playlist! Me?! I make sure the tablets are fully charged and there are plenty of Legos and coloring books to be fought over and plenty to eat, that is essential! Fill them up on junk food, sure they will be off the chain the first 2 hours but when they crash you get control of the radio again.

Third, road trips with my crew barely make it outside of town before I hear the first “there’s nothing to do, how much longer?” I am about ready to pull my hair out before the first 30 miles are finished, and then come the “one more time and I am pulling over” threats …. key word “threat” because y’all know I am not drawing this trip stuff out more than I have to with meaning less pull overs… I just turn the back seat into a UFC ring and pretend there is an invisible sound proof partition. 

And let’s not forget the numerous restroom breaks because everyone can’t possibly go at the same time that would just be ludicrous. I mean, I love all those rest stop experiences as much as the next mom. Like the time the little boys were babies and I had to take them all in one stall, hold Alex while hovering Zoe, using my leg to keep Brac from going under the door and praying Caleb wouldn’t pick up something from the hazardous,corroded floor. Oh good times! Traveling ALONE with 4 kids is another tale for another time. 

And if you have the privilege of riding in my tour bus then you will know that it is impossible to nap with the Barber driving. I get about a million and one taps and hey you’s before the halfway mark. And his DJ skills could desperately use a tune up!

But once we arrive … that is when the fun begins. Memories are made as my crew leaves a lasting impression on folks they meet along the way! Their eyes light up as they see sights never seen and collect treasures to share with there friends back in small town America. I didn’t travel much as a girl so to have this chance with my monkeys, as crazy as it may be getting there, well…there is nothing like it. 

To mama’s who pack and get there crews ready, load up on your favorite “juju” and take a few deep breaths cause you are not the only mama going crazy packing the bus! 


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