Who’s Sahm

I am a mama.

I have been a mama for 10 years now!

I think this makes me a veteran or something.

I am also a nurse by proxy, a chef, a waitress, a maid, a handyman, a counselor, a referee, a coach, a taxi cab driver, a fixer of all problems, a librarian, a teacher and the list goes on and on…. {toot toot, that’s me tooting my mom horn}

I worked for about 7 years pre-kids and I worked for the 1st year of Braxton’s life. When he got sick and we moved to Indiana I became a SAHM {that’s internet lingo for Stay at home mom}.

I used to envy those mama’s that got to stay at home with their kids all day. From the outside looking in it seemed like all they did was shop and do crafts. And then I was given the opportunity to stay at home and my perspective changed.

Working outside of the home was difficult because I missed Braxton so very very much. I would go in at night and when I got home at 7 the next morning he was ready to start his day but I was so tired that my mom came to hang out with him so I really only saw him for a couple of hours before I went back to work. I was sad that I was missing so much of those formative years. I was happy that I was able to help my family out financially and I was blessed to have a great job that I loved but still a part of me was missing me.

This stay at home mama stuff ain’t no joke. It surely isn’t for the faint at heart.

It is NOT shopping all day and lunch dates with friends and craft parties in the middle of the day. It is everything but that bed of roses.

My day starts full throttle at 645am and I am NOT a morning person {that is why I worked nights for 7 years,duh!}, I get 4 kids up {the first call is a sweet “up and at em’ sugar”, by the 7th call I am putting Marine Corp drill Sgt. to shame}, I fix  5 different breakfasts because my family is spoiled and it would be too easy for everyone to like the same things.

With a “June Clever” smile I wave good bye to the Barber and round up 4 rascals. If you have never loaded up 4 kids with hopes of getting to school on time, you have not lived. There is always that one that HAS to have a certain pair of shoes that have done some crazy disappearing act through the night. They insisted “I put them right there” …. NO they are not “right there”.  I get them to school and with a messy bun, a hoodie with a coffee stain on it and Muk Luks that do not come close to matching said stylish ensemble I run into the school and you know it’s bad when the principal suggests I have a stamp made to use on the sign in sheet.


Once I am home I have a 3 and 5 year old that are best buddies for 5 minutes and enemies the next 5, this makes the noise level go up and down from 0 to 80 all day about every 5 minutes.

And because I love kids sooooo much I have another little person come hang out with me all day. Increasing the whining and temper tantrum decibel level significantly.
Do you know that I have never found time to go shopping in the middle of the day, or to be “crafty” or have a play date, imagine that 🙂

I don’t know who these women are, where they live or how in the world they do it but I am calling shenanigans on this rainbows and unicorn mom stuff.

At 230 I have cleaned the kitchen again and put, yet another, load of laundry in and by that time it’s time to go get in that dreaded car line.

The 2 older ones that are supposed to be more mature get in the van and instantly start irritating the little ones …. {insert forehead smack}

Once we are home I am in charge of checking through folders and cracking a whip on homework. I start dinner and we eat {complete with whines and groans about the menu} after cooking for 2 hours it takes less than 20 minutes to clear plates and I am BACK in the kitchen again, cleaning…. again!  And of all things asked by the Barber…. “what did you do all day?” …. husbands be mindful of your tone of voice when asking this question.

Bedtime is another chore, complete with 20 million questions, “I’m thirsty”, “one more story” and sudden bursts of energy  and then maybe if I am lucky I can sit down while folding another load of laundry this time while they all sleep.

Then to bed, where my sleep is never uninterrupted and I am up again the next morning to start all over…. 24/7…. 365. At least when I worked I was allowed to get time off.

I love being mama to the quartet but if I said I didn’t miss my 12 hours of alone time 2 days a week I would be lying. Adult conversation, eating an entire lunch, 30 min drive ALONE in the mornings… yes, that was much easier.

To all those SAHM’s…. you ROCK!! Everyday you ROCK!!! To those working mama’s you are awesome too because no mama likes to leave their babies. It is a constant battle of wills in this mama world. But even in the craziest times I can honestly say I wouldn’t change a thing. Take a deep breath, eat a piece of chocolate {or a box} and fix yourself a big pot of coffee… you got this!



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