Being married for almost 14 years and having 4 kids there is always a lot of love in this house.

Mostly a love for Jesus, love of Lego, love of dinosaurs, love of music, a love of motorcycles, a deeply misunderstood love of coffee and sweets, an unhealthy love of money and a love of tormenting each other in some form or fashion… but still a LOT of love floating around.


Braxton walked up behind Caleb last night and pinged him at close range with a Nerf gun, Caleb squealed like a girl and said “THAT WAS NOT VERY ‘LOVABLE’, IT’S VALENTINE’S DAY PUNK!”  That is the kind of love that we have in this house. Nerf wars and laughter.

Zoe is usually tagging behind the boys, annoying them to no end trying to kiss them or hug them, knowing that it drives them crazy insisting it’s because she LOVES them.

And then when the barber steals a random kiss there is a loud chorus of “eeeewwwww” making him kiss me again. That is the love in this house.

And because alone time never happens in this house, I ‘borrow’ chocolate from the Valentine’s bags the kids brought home and lock myself in the bedroom for just a moment, ignoring the whines from outside the door, and the banging and the “moooooommmmm” that resonates down the hall, soaking in the 3 minutes of me time I can muster on the opposite side of the door… kid free. Because that is way better than a dozen roses and a box of chocolates he could have brought home.

Braxton has had a “love” since he was about 4 and he decided this year that he was “single” and that meant he got to keep his money and his candy all to himself. He said he didn’t need a girlfriend now and that one day when he was ready he would take her back {obviously he is either overly confident or extremely confused on how this love stuff works}

The barber and I have had 16 Valentines together, the very first one he picked me up at my high school, with 3 cards, one for each month we had been dating and the “kiss kiss” bears that Hallmark had promoted that year. I still have those cards tucked away somewhere. As time has moved on, we have changed and now a date night takes LOTS of planning, begging some poor soul to watch our kids, praying that she doesn’t run for the hills and after 45 minutes in the car, with an empty back seat, we are missing the kids terribly and talking about them and  by 730 that night we are both yawning and seeking out coffee like a crack head on a corner just to make it through the rest of the night {ROMANCE to the extreme} … we enjoy the moments alone but I am sure we drive a little faster on the way home. It’s funny how much you evolve as a couple over the years. Looking forward to many more with my darling Valentine.

me and the hubs.jpg

Spent the weekend with the Barber, had an amazing dinner at Jeff Ruby’s The Precinct in Downtown Cincinnati

I had the task of planning a Valentine’s Day party for Zoe’s class and by the end of Valentine’s Day I was exhausted and over all the candy and hundreds of little cards lying around. I was a Valentine’s Day Scrooge. I treated myself to a large coffee and a cake pop and ran around like a chicken with my head cut off. By the end of the day I LOVED my bed, my pillow and my cozy fuzzy Pajamas…. that’s what love is all about.

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