“I Want a Sister”

I am the wife to a Barber.

A barber, who is 100% different than me. The only things that we agree on is that we both love Jesus, and our kids and each other. That’s it! I drive him crazy, I sit back and silently giggle as my quirkiness makes him catch his breath, and he eventually accepts it.

His personality, aspirations, and organizational skills are completely opposite of mine. I am a procrastinator (actually, I have made it an art, really), I am probably one of the least serious people that you will ever meet (I am the one that is standing in the back of a funeral giggling, not because I am being disrespectful, but because that’s how I cope). I have the MOST unorganized kitchen in the entire state of Indiana (ask my sister in law, it drives her nuts) … but it works for me.

SO, I am not surprised that I have managed to have 4 of the most odd, eccentric and different children EVER!


I have learned to embrace the crazy that is them. The unpredictable personalities that they all have. It keeps things fun and interesting.

I have embraced there tiffs and I understand that there is nothing I can do to change who they are. AND, I have gotten really really good at tuning out the loud whines and frets.

I have 3 boys and one lone girl. That lonely little girl will one day take over the world. 

She begs me for a sister daily and daily I have to break her heart and tell her “IT AIN’T HAPPENIN'” … disappointments make them stronger.

I admit, I do feel sorry for her.

The only girl in the midst of all these boys. But I struck out twice, she will one day appreciate her Princess status and thank me.

Caleb prays daily for a sister so that Zoe will leave them alone and suddenly, Alex has jumped on the prayer wagon with “Lord, please give me a brudder so I can be him’s boss”

One thing is for sure… they are really close to Jesus lately with all their random praying.

Y’all!!! If I was crazy enough to have another baby I do believe I would have to be institutionalized, for the safety of myself and all man kind.

The crazies never stop in this house. Recently, people have asked me what I will do with ALLLLL my free time when Alex goes to Kindergarten next year… I reply “NOTHING” … I am going to sit in my quiet house and eat food without hiding in the garage and I am going to read AT LEAST 2 books from start to finish and then…. when the first week ends…. I am going to apply to foster because… I will need to fill the crazy void.

Embrace your differences because that is what makes a family fun. It would be so stuffy and boring if we were all the same. Caleb’s wit, Braxton’s smarts, Zoe’s bossiness and Alex’s goofy makes this home fun. And I don’t believe that I would change it at all…. not even on the most difficult of days.

Being a mom is not for the squeamish, Being a mom of 4 or more is not for the whimpy. It is an honor, a pull my hair out, sorry but today you are eating mac and cheese from a box, smell it, if it doesn’t stink wear it, stop yelling at her, don’t hit him, random kisses just because, belly laugh kind of honor.

Do they make a trophy with that on it???

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