I think I’ll Protest!!!


Oh My Goodness!! I don’t know about you but I am about done with all this protesting jazz. It’s flooding my social media feeds and I just want to see something funny and make fun of stupid criminals, and read about the cute things my friends kids are doing.

Seriously, I totally agree with the right to PEACEFULLY protest something that you don’t agree with but climbing a crane, busting out windows, setting things on fire… that all seems bit immature to this gal.

I woke up this morning and the kids were not moving fast enough and I thought “I don’t like the way they are acting, maybe I will throw myself into the floor and kick and scream until I get results” … sure I may think this from time to time but I don’t actually do it.

I wanted a Starbucks coffee this morning but the closest one is 20 minutes away… that makes me mad … I think I will Protest!!! Doesn’t that sound silly.

There are many nights when these ungrateful little humans that I am raising,  decide that what I made for dinner isn’t good enough, so I throw the spatula in the floor and sit in front of the stove chanting “NOT MY KIDS! NOT MY KIDS!” …. NO!! I peacefully place the food on there plates and say “this is dinner whether you like it or not and YOU WILL EAT IT OR STARVE!!!

{later I give in and make them a PB and J but nothing fancy and I shower them with kisses and hugs and tell them I love them}

Y’all I just saw a clip of environmentalist that climbed a crane to protest something … what is that going to solve? That poor crane operator probably has a family to feed, did those protesters think of that?? probably not! I may be a bit ignorant to all this political mumbo jumbo, but I think that this is a bit absurd.

My children protest bedtime EVERY night and you know what, I make the rules and they learn that the easy way or the hard way. After a stern look and a few “options” {My mama referred to those options as a hickory or spoon}, they know I will follow through and eventually the protest ends.

The problem, folks, with these protesters is their mama’s and daddy’s didn’t give them the right “options” as children and allowed them to pitch a fit (that’s what we call it where I come from) and they threw things and whined until they gave in… Hahahahaha… y’all my kids only WISH it was that easy in this house. I tell my kids daily that my job is not to be their friend and give them everything they want but to make them RESPONSIBLE, PRODUCTIVE citizens of society capable of making the right decisions. We DO NOT support the “participation trophy” because the harsh truth to life is… you win some, you lose some.

OK… If I understand this in my novice parenting why is this such a difficult concept for American’s today.

I am currently “protesting” doing the laundry and cleaning up the breakfast dishes so after I finish my 2nd cup of coffee and come to my senses I suppose I will end this PEACEFUL PROTEST and be a RESPONSIBLE, PRODUCTIVE mama.

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