Secrets of the Kitchen Society

OK. I am not going tell any juicy secrets but I will say that if you are not a member of a “kitchen society” at your church, might I recommend finding one. Immediately… do anything mop the floor, wipe the counter, pretend to fold towels something to get you in. I can assure you it will be well worth it.

I have the BEST group of friends. We are all ages and everyone has something different to bring. Some of us have 4+ kids (like myself), while some of us like the simplicity of 1 or 2.

Some of us have a funky style (me again), while others have an elegance that flows from them.

Some of us have a “tell it like it is” attitude and others of us are more stand offish and just take it all in.

Some of us are loud and goofy as can be, and take NOTHING serious (me again), while others are serious and mature and give balance to the ones that are “less” adult.

But regardless of where we all fit in, some of the most fun that we have is in our church basement. Something about entering that door and surrounding ourselves around the large island lets us drop all the differences and suddenly, like a big ole pot of Gumbo, we blend together.

I can personally say that I have laughed until my belly hurt at some of the discussions of the kitchen. All while buzzing around and cooking amazing meals, or putting on a celebration for someone, or on a night that we have gathered for games and fellowship.

We talk about REAL mom issues, it is a judgement free zone (well for the most part, they judge me because I don’t care 🙂 ), the ladies are never offend not even when a lady wipes, caramel on your nose or throws a roll across the room and hits you in the head (again this happened to me, I am beginning to feel like a target).

Every lady needs a basement crew to hang with. They talk you through things, make you laugh when you didn’t think you wanted to, those “more seasoned”  ladies will give you insight like you’ve never had and the younger will make you double over in laughter.

BUT, what happens in the kitchen always stays in the kitchen.

When the floor has been mopped and the lights turned out and the door closed, all of the chatter seems to be locked up in the spice cabinet only to be let out when we gather again.

And the best part… we all love Jesus and we all have the same things in mind when we are raising our children and taking care of our families. We are all there for each other to pray for them and to offer a helping hand. We understand each other on a level that some might not.

Yes, those ladies are worth their weight in gold and I don’t know that I would trade any of them. Mostly because there is nothing more interesting than the kitchen shenanigans of good little church ladies. And partly, because they know too much 🙂

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