Ain’t no Pinterest mama

So I am on Pinterest (last minute might I add) looking for ideas for Caleb’s dinosaur themed party scheduled for tomorrow (and by dinosaur themed I mean we have plates and napkins with dino’s on them and dinosaur cupcakes, oh, and I managed to scrounge up anything that looked dinosaur related from the boys room), and I am scrolling along and then I just say… “seriously!!! I am no Pinterest mama.”

Who has time to do all this stuff… decorations that look like they come from some magical birthday fairy and outfits to match!!! (I was lucky enough to find a dinosaur shirt at Kohl’s ON CLEARANCE)


I am thinking (as a mother of 4) how much does all that cost???!!!

Seriously! I am seeing lots and lots of dollar signs.

When I had Braxton, and only Braxton, his parties were hits. Talked about for miles. I spent hours planning his first birthday party. Complete with pirates and swords and eye patches. Games and coloring books for all the kids. A treasure map that lead to actual treasure and then Zoe came and she didn’t get left out either, major birthday blowouts. And then Caleb came and it was all down hill from there. Caleb is just lucky enough to have a birthday in January, in Indiana, when the most fun thing to do is go to a birthday party, regardless of how lame it may be.

I always said that they would have to request Chuck E Cheese before I did it and now I am praying that they recommend that kind of party.

Poor Alex has never really had a party because, well, lets face it he is 3 and does he really care as long as I get him a REALLY awesome gift?! Probably not.

I used to feel like my parties had to compare to the other moms, if they had food then I had to serve a meal, a better meal. If they had 20 guests, then I needed to have 30 guests. If they decorated like Martha Stewart, then dog on it I was too (even knowing that I didn’t have one decoration savvy bone in MY BODY!

I am the QUEEN of the Pinterest Fail!


With 4 kids they are lucky if we have cake and maybe  chips and ice cream and I never forget the treat bags because hopefully that makes up for the food we didn’t have. And is there some unwritten rule that says we have to serve an actual meal.

I’m not up to speed on the Emily Post of children’s parties and I don’t plan to be either.

My goal… invite them to said party and make it the quickest party and clean up EVER!! No lingering. We can linger on the playground when I am not expected to entertain 40 kids.

I have become the mama that doesn’t care whether it is done exactly right. As long as the kids appear happy and pleased with said party then I suppose I have done an OK job.

So when it is all said and done and the kids have come, cake has been served, no one was injured, they have been thoroughly entertained for at least 2 hours, presents are opened, “thank yous” are said and gift bags are passed out and no one is crying, I feel like I deserve a Venti Caramel Macchiato with a triple shot on ice and a victory lap around the parking lot  and that’s then I can say “WELL DONE MAMA WELL DONE”.

To all the mamas throwing anti-pinterest parties, I raise my Venti Cup!


One thought on “Ain’t no Pinterest mama

  1. You are an awsome mom . We still think you give great party’s for your kid’s. And are amazed at how organized they are. You are the record holder for the fastest get through it all and clean up. Then there’s nothing left to do but sit back and just watch the kids playing and having fun with there friends. And if you think about it that’s all they really want to do . Is not to be interrupted while there in the middle of playing something fun with there friends… love you.


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