Happy Birthday Caleb

A letter to my boy: 13483360_10157051248240367_4166491730851896171_o

Dearest Cabby,

Where do I begin? Today you turn 5! And while I realize that you are not able to read this I wanted to take the time to let you know how awesome we think you are.

Being #3 in our lineup, sometimes you tend to drift off into the shadows, not because that is where we put you but because that is where you prefer to be.

From the very first moment that I held you in my arms and memorized your face, I knew there was something quiet and unique about you. I knew that you would be the “mama’s boy”. I know that as you grow you will be the caretaker. The one always focused on everyone else’s happiness.

I love that, at 5, you have this imagination that takes you places without leaving the living room. You never need to be entertained because in your mind you entertain yourself. You are some what of a mystery. You make me smile with your witty personality. You say things with the funniest little lisp. And you are OK being you.

You wear EVERY emotion on your face and without saying anything I know what you are thinking and feeling.

You are an introvert… the only one in this family, that is for sure. You prefer to read and play alone unless you are playing with your buddy Alex.

You love school. And you thrive on routine. You are a true treasure to know and love.

I love you my sweet boy, and I hope that as the years pass and you grow up you remain true to who you are. That you keep your quirky ways and your cowboy dreams and never deviate from being the BEST you.

We love you and value your place in our crazy home.

Always put Jesus first and everything will fall into place. Happy Birthday Cabby I hope you have the best day ever.



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