I do believe the older my kids get the louder my house gets and I am not complaining, I love the loud, chaotic home that we have created BUT when the loud is solely based on arguments and slamming doors and stomping feet, I find a bit of conflict there.

I have learned recently that my 6 year old is really 16 trapped in a little body, which seriously disturbs me knowing that one day she will in fact be 16 and I don’t know that we will be able to live in the same home.

Last night I got tickled that she had placed a sign on her door with the words “only girls allowed in my room!! No boys unless I say!”, complete with angry drawings of girls and a list of names of the acceptable people allowed to cross the threshold. I suppose in my inexperience I didn’t realize such drama would come so early in life. I especially felt bad for the poor markers that she used to take her anger out.

zoe room.jpg

I am learning so much in my journey through motherhood. Most of the time the lessons come when I am least expecting them. I am sure that I should receive an honorary nursing degree for all the times that I have waited in ER waiting rooms and slept on uncomfortable fold out beds at the hospital.

Being a mom comes with so many more obstacles than I ever realized. I found myself going to my room the other day and locking the door (like I was a teenager) just for a moment of alone time.  A moment to sip a cup of coffee, listen to a bit of music {loud} and fold A basket of clothes without the screaming, and pulling of my shirt tales. I love my kids, don’t get me wrong, but some days being a mom is so intense. With 2 wanting milk and a snack {ALL.DAY.LONG}, one whining because someone was in her room messing everything up and one inevitably picking at them all stirring up more ruckus, it becomes more than your emotions can handle at one time.

I used to feel guilty for running to my room, but now as they get older I realize… it makes them stop and think…. mom is out of the equation, where did she go?? The screaming stops and in the 3 minutes that I was “hidden”, it stopped. The storm passed and it was safe for me to return to my duties. I come out, look around and low and behold they are all playing sweetly in neutral corners of the house…. VICTORY!

And I was able to enjoy my coffee HOT!!! We all won.

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