Things that make you say hmmmm…

Braxton is home sick today.

It’s a rare thing for him to get sick. Aside from having cancer (I do not say that lightly) he is a healthy kid. He has had maybe 2 ear infections in his 9 years and when he gets sick it’s usually a fever and he is over that in a day or 2.

Considering his history I think that is something remarkable.

When he is home and it’s a Sunday, it’s just me and him. As he gets older and more independent, my heart is a little sadden that he doesn’t need me as much as he once did. I was with him so much in his early years and I doted over him so much, worrying and making sure that everything was always OK. Now, almost 4 years post cancer he just doesn’t need his ole’ mama fussin’ over him anymore.

We had a chance to chat… and he “chats” on such an advanced level that it’s almost like talking to someone twice his age. Today we had a chat about getting “sick”.  We talked about how on December 10th 2006 he was already showing signs of remission only 1 month into treatment. He was technically NED or (no evidence of disease) at that point and we knew his healing was taking place.

I think now that he is older and we have been able to explain to him, just how sick he was and just how serious the situation really was, he understands a little better and I think now he fears it a bit. He is smart enough to know that there is always a chance that he could relapse regardless how small that chance is there is ALWAYS a chance. So no matter how many times I reassure him it won’t come back. He still worries.

My boy.

How I prayed for him and longed to be his mama, and then about this time in 2006 we found out we were finally pregnant. God had amazing things in store for him then and I didn’t know it.

I am enjoying may day with him regardless if he has a stomach bug or not, I am soaking in the mama/Brac time because one day I won’t be able to “dote” over him anymore.

Some days sick days aren’t so horrible.

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