Let them be little….

Caleb Eron is by far my most imaginative child. He makes me smile just by the little things he says.

Part of the reason that I write this blog is because I don’t want to forget the things my kids say.

The humor that is them, keeps me so very entertained.

Sometimes being a mama can become mundane. The same things day in and day out. It’s easy to get stressed and forget the joy that being a mama is. My kids certainly keep it interesting for me.

Caleb is a cowboy at heart. We have NO horses and we live in “town”. We do not own a farm and the most interaction that he has with farm animals and the ranch life is when we visit Papaw and Nana in Waverly.


But, even with all that being said he faithfully wears his cowboy boots, straw cowboy hat and vest and star EVERY where we go.  He sleeps with them and makes sure that he never forgets them. And thanks to youtube.com he has recently seen a few clips of bull riding and a few clips of an old show called “Bonanza”. And those are on repeat.

Getting out of the van yesterday he asked “mom, who was the first man on earth?” I replied… “Adam…. and who was his wife??”

Caleb said “Eve!”

“That’s right”, I replied, ” they had 2 boys, what were their names?”

With a look that only he could give me, he said “I don’t know! Hoss and Little Joe?!”

Oh Caleb, please don’t ever change who you are!

Last night, we put the finishing touches on our tree and I do believe the older my kids get the more fun it is watching them enjoy the Christmas season.

This is truly the best life anyone could ask for!



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