HaPpY BiRtHdAy to ME!!!!

As Thanksgiving {and my Birthday} comes to a close and I listen to the quiet house I am about to fall asleep knowing what a blessed life God has given me. 

31 years on this earth. I am a daughter to an amazing mama, sister to my very best friend, I married an amazing man, gained a great family, and I have been blessed with 4 of the funniest, most entertaining, wildest bunch of youngins’ a mama could ever ask for (by far my greatest accomplishment in my 31 years). 

I spent the first 15 years trying to figure out what Gods purpose was for me and I have spent the last 15 living out his perfect plan. It hasn’t always been roses and cupcakes but I couldn’t imagine a day without the Lord by my side. 

31 years as an eccentric, often loud, sometimes obnoxious, always procrastinating, slightly addicted to coffee, goofy, rarely serious gal. 

I am blessed today to have another year…. as a teenager I often feared that another year may not come. I worried that I would not live to be married or have children … I lived in a sad lonely world, and only when I walked into a church in the Spring of 2000 did I finally understand what I had been missing all those years.

God has been so good to me I can not complain. 

Thank you to everyone that has called, texted and sent me sweet messages through social media, I truly have the best family and friends.

I was able to spend the day with my loves eating way too much food, what more could a girl ask for. 

Here’s to 31 more years of blessings.


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