It’s finally November!!!

My very favorite month… my birthday month!!!! 

Because it’s my birthday month I did a giveaway in my shop The Barbers Wife and Co check out my Instagram page @thebarberswifeandco for a chance to win this sign >>> 

Halloween night was an adventure …. I believe I dislike this “holiday” more and more every year BUT seeing the excitement in my kids faces…. priceless! 

Nothing says manners like teaching our kids to walk up to strangers houses dressed as imposters and beg for candy…. ok you can hear the sarcasm, right???!!

10 minutes before we left Zoe came in holding her costume, with the saddest eyes and said “you can fix it, right?”  

I took this now completely destroyed costume that is all of 3 days old and after making telling her there was just no way she could go trick or treating now and enjoying her moment of panic (because she didn’t follow instructions leading up to the costume conundrum) I whipped out the trusty sewing machine and SAVED THE DAY!!!!!! 

So we were off to meet up with our trick or treating posey! One of the joys of small town living is moments like this when you can walk the whole town with a huge group, have a hot dog and punch at the fire department and see tons of people you know… it’s literally like living in Stars Hollow {pardon the Gilmore Girls reference}. 

So all was good when it was finished the kids went home and crashed and I proceeded to go through the candy and take the parent tax and it was HIGH this year for pain and suffering!  

November is going to be amazing I just know it!  Cause it’s my birthday month and birthdays are amazing!!! 


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