Lost in the “wood”

I had a dream the other night, and for me this is rare mostly because I am rarely asleep long enough to dream, but I was horribly sick and this allowed me a full night of uninterrupted sleep…. I digress…. anyway, I had a dream, that I was in China (why China? I have no idea, maybe because I really wanted an egg roll), and I was walking down an extremely busy road with Caleb, SUDDENLY! Caleb took off running, in only a fashion that he would do.

Y’all this dream was so real that I am sure that I was screaming for him in my sleep. In the dream he would get really close look back and smile and then take off running. This went on until I woke myself up near hyperventilating from the stress of the dream.

I woke up in a way that only a mama would understand, still breathing hard, I shot up out of the bed and ran to his bedside where he was, of course, sound asleep, probably dreaming of dinosaur wrangling cowboys.

The next morning this crazy dream had me thinking all day about my sweet Caleb. Cabby, my literal middle child, the introvert, the most accident prone of all my kids (no joke, we are on a first name basis with the ER radiology techs and nurse practitioners)  and the one that has had me wrapped since day one. He wears all his emotions on his face and he loves with all his heart. At 4 he still drags a star spangled “night night” everywhere he goes and he is 100% boy (and a mama’s boy).

I started to think that so often, being in the middle he can get lost in the shuffle of siblings, and I thought about how important it is not to “lose” our kids in the day to day hustle. I know that personally my goal as a mother is that my  children are never “lost”. Spiritually I want them to know Jesus and love Jesus first and before everything.

I want them never to feel unimportant, I want them to never get “lost” to the ideals that this ever troubled world may throw at them. I want them to  know that I will always find them no matter where they are in life. Anyway that was my deep thought after this dream … Perhaps this is why I don’t dream I think too much into them and become this sudden honorary mom-cologist with a pretend degree from CandyLand University.  Maybe it just meant, Cabby is getting ready to take off when I am least expecting it, so if that’s the case I am on high alert!

In other Barber’s Wife news, aside from the crazy dreams and the gnarly random sickness that over came me, I have been super busy in my shop. I have a craft show this weekend and I am wracking my brain to get some original things finished and ready to sale. As the holidays draw near, let me encourage you to shop local.

I usually shop local and small business, mostly because I like the uniqueness of an item and I feel like it adds a flair of “special” to the gift that you are purchasing. These local vendors are people those big name, carbon copy places are slowly pushing out. As a mama it is a big deal to be able to do something that I enjoy and stay home with my kids too,and still being able to put my family first. And I can’t do that UNLESS YOU BUY MY STUFF…. it’s for the kids!

So with that being said if you are looking for a small teachers gift, something for your boss, something unique for a new baby, or just something to spruce up the home,  check out my Etsy page The Barbers Wife and Co….. or, 


The Barbers Wife and Co.

if you are looking for something for your little girls to help add a little sparkle to their wardrobe look at   Twinkle Belle Bows , Zoe has gobs of these bows and she is stopped everywhere we go with admiration.

Twinkle Belle Bows

Also, look at Swallows Grace, the story behind this sweet company will melt your heart, in a nut shell they started making mugs to fund the adoption of their sweet little boy, Lane… ahhhh! get a tissue ready it is so sweet. I have a personalized cup from her already, the quality is great and I have another in the making (I have a small addiction to mugs).


Swallows Grace

These are just a couple of my favorites, I have tons more, just check them out you will love them too.

So I suppose the moral to this post…. shop small and don’t lose stuff….

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