When we moved to Indiana 6 years ago from North Carolina I have to say that I was not thrilled {to put it nicely}.

After my first winter here I was ready to move back to North Carolina and never go north again…EVER.

And then SLOWLY I have adapted. I still despise the winter months and I rarely go out in the bitter cold and I am aware that this makes me a wimp on all accounts but I have accepted my wimpiness and I am STILL not looking forward to winter for the 6th year in a row.



Fall in Indiana is something like I have never seen.

With each year it becomes more and more intoxicating. There is something to be said about this small town that I live in. Around the end of September the once vibrant green corn fields suddenly turn brown and it’s like they have invited the nip in the air come October.

In North Carolina often fall comes in a flash. I remember being so warm on Halloween as a kid that my face paint literally melted off my face and you couldn’t wear a heavy costume with out having a heat stroke.


But in Indiana…. oh Fall is wonderful. The temperatures are PERFECT. October brings harvesting and long traffic lines behind combines and tractors. The early morning fog reminds us of the warm day but the chilly nights that follow. It is the best time of year for hoodies and flip flops… yes, I have become one of those people that my Papaw would laugh at. He would always say “looks to me like they are confused whether they wanna be hot or cold, craziest thing I’ve ever seen”.

I am in love with Indiana in the fall, and I believe that this love gets me through the freezing cold, glacial air, don’t check the mail unless you are expecting a check for a million dollars, weather. I look forward to autumns that are to come.

Indiana in the fall… that’s all.

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