a bit of nostalgia

I think going on vacations makes me a bit weepy and nostalgic.

As a girl my mama raised me and my sister alone. Sure, we had the best extended family a girl could ask for, but I can remember looking at my mama as a little girl and thinking that there was nothing she couldn’t do. She raised my sister and I to be respectable, nice, lady like little girls. And because she raised us alone, there was often little room for extras in our tight budget (we managed to live without computers, tablets, and gadgets), occasionally, we got to go on a small vacation somewhere within driving distance. Lucky for me my mama made EVERY day an adventure. She was our best friend and together, the 3 of us made the most out of what we had. She would let us do small things like skip school on our birthdays, take us to our granny’s to play in the woods and mostly she spent time with us, if just cuddled on the couch chatting about life.  {to my mama, thank you and I love you bunches} She has always been our biggest fan, making us believe that there was NOTHING that we couldn’t do. {perhaps this is the reason for my spazzy ways today :/ }

So as an adult, I now have 4 children of my own and coming back from our 4th vacation of the year! I think how blessed we are. My children have been given opportunities that I would lay in the grass and dream about as a girl. When kids would come back from summer break and tell these extravagant stories of places they had been, I would sit in awe.

I have been blessed beyond my wildest dreams. I gave my life to Jesus at a young age of 15 believing and knowing that he would always be there for me. I am not rich by worldly standards and we certainly do not live in a mansion, but to us our small 3 bedroom home in small town America is more than I could have ever asked for.  My children want for nothing, they have a daddy that loves them beyond measure and works so hard to provide for them. They have a church and church family that is the center of their foundation. And most of all they know and love Jesus, and at the tender ages of 9,6,4, and 3 they are witnessing to the world around them. Blessed today, that is what I am. And if I live in this sweet little home of ours for the rest of our days, I will know that memories have been made here, love has always been felt here, chats with my kids about happenings in there lives have happened here, prayers have been said around our table and scriptures have been read in the living room.

I have come a long way from that frizzy haired lost little girl that grew up on Walnut street. I no longer find myself in a hazy day dream wishing for a life I don’t have. I have that life and tonight sitting in my quiet home with everyone safely tucked in, dreaming the sweetest dreams, I know that it just can’t get more perfect than this.



Philippians 4:11  ~~~ Not that I speak in respect of want: for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content.



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