The aww factor

To say that a vacation with my crazy crew is easy is stretching things a little. I think any mother of smaller children would tell you there is no such thing as a “real” vacation. 

As soon as we got there my sister in law and I were “fighting” for the washer and dryer (only moms understand the struggle) 

Sure, we leave our home town and travel to a touristy spot hoping for a moment of relaxation, (I am currently typing this in a bathroom sitting fully clothed mind you, but they don’t know this)… we do eat amazing food (with 8 kids on a trip and 6 adults we learned if we want to eat well sit them at a table alone and pretend like we don’t hear them making funny noises with there mouths and paper airplanes and spitting spit balls across the room)

We enjoy the stores and the unique shopping experiences. {running all over the store saying things in a loud,stern whisper like “don’t touch that!”, “one more time and you are gonna get it” and my favorite thing to do, yell across the store to my husband “GET YOUR KID” …. that takes the attention from me allowing me to shop for a mere 5 minutes before they meander across the store to find me again}
We enjoy the activities like go cart rides and rides at Dollywood…. 2 of the eight have grown enough over the summer that they can now ride ALL the rides leaving me to wrangle the others… one who can ride most, one who can ride a few and one who can only do a few things but insists he’s big and can do them all anyhow. 

Lots of ice cream bribery went in to this activity and there is no shame in my game.

 Nothing like waiting in a line believing he can ride with you only to carry him away kicking and screaming because he can’t…

BUT amidst all the chaos of going on a vacation with family, 8 of which are kids, the memories like Alex,Nelleigh, Zoe and Caleb riding the kiddie go carts will forever be engraved in our brains as the funniest things ever and then the time we forgot one on a bumper boat and didn’t realize until the attendant went out into the middle of the water to rescue her and the time that Alex and Zoe did the chicken chase at the Stampede. All these things make the crazy parts worth it. 

We love Gatlinburg and we are so blessed to have this family time together to unwind and laugh and maybe even cry a little.


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