building and BIG boo boo’s

There are some things that happen in life that should be chronicled.

For instance….

The day that I married the barber…. oh what a day!

The day that we learned that we were FINALLY expecting for the first time!

The day that he came into this world and breathed his first breathe {be still my heart, I still get teary eyed}

And then Zoe came (my baby girl, our ray of sunshine through a very dark cloud), and the unexpected but always loved, Caleb and then the baby, Alex.

The day that Braxton was diagnosed, the ups and downs and then the day he was declared to be in remission.

The day that we drove out of NC for the last time {ending one chapter} and into Indiana to stay for the long run 🙂 {beginning a new chapter}

And then there are those minor moments in between all those big ones, sometimes they are overlooked and then you look back one day and you wonder why you didn’t write that down.


Well, this is one for the books…. in the past WEEK, we have been to the ER 3 times!!! 3 times people!!!! I can’t make this stuff up. I only wonder what those doctors and nurses and those amazing people in radiology must think of my accident prone little’s.

You know you are there a bunch when EVERYONE there knows your crew by name! NO LIE!!! And they never ask questions or look at you like you are crazy people.

Last Monday Alex went to the ER to have his head glued back together after learning that he WAS NOT a monkey…

Then, on Friday we took Brac in because I failed as doctor mom the night before, in repairing a gash on his foot {honestly y’all, had that injury been anywhere but the heel of his foot, my 7 band aid, pressure bandage would have totally worked} and then I was back AGAIN tonight with Alex!!

1 Wagon +2 BOYS = 1 inevitable accident 

So after a CT and an x ray it was concluded that he only had a concussion. I have seen A LOT of injuries being the mama to 3 VERY active boys and this was by far one of the worst head injuries I have seen yet. He was lethargic, incoherent and literally knocked for a loop. I believe in the power of prayer because the little boy that I left the ER with was not the limp little boy I took in. Either way he is going to be fine. But seriously!! being a boy mom is NOT for the squeamish!


I must have apologized 15 times to the hospital staff for our disheveled appearance. Because everyone takes the time to go inside and clean up before rushing to the ER… RIGHT!?!

And now for the building part. I think we have been in our garage every night for the past month working on something or another, and I have to say that it makes me so very happy. I love that we have discovered something that we can all do as a family and it doesn’t get in the way of family time and leaves me completely flexible. I really have been praying that our little business will take off and be what I do when all the kids are in school in a couple of years.

Check out my Etsy page The Barbers Wife and Co. if you are looking for something unique for your home with a bit of rustic flair.

So now I am going to become one with my pillow after a VERY emotionally draining day.

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