Lost in the “wood”

I had a dream the other night, and for me this is rare mostly because I am rarely asleep long enough to dream, but I was horribly sick and this allowed me a full night of uninterrupted sleep…. I digress…. anyway, I had a dream, that I was in China (why China? I have no idea, maybe because I really wanted an egg roll), and I was walking down an extremely busy road with Caleb, SUDDENLY! Caleb took off running, in only a fashion that he would do.

Y’all this dream was so real that I am sure that I was screaming for him in my sleep. In the dream he would get really close look back and smile and then take off running. This went on until I woke myself up near hyperventilating from the stress of the dream.

I woke up in a way that only a mama would understand, still breathing hard, I shot up out of the bed and ran to his bedside where he was, of course, sound asleep, probably dreaming of dinosaur wrangling cowboys.

The next morning this crazy dream had me thinking all day about my sweet Caleb. Cabby, my literal middle child, the introvert, the most accident prone of all my kids (no joke, we are on a first name basis with the ER radiology techs and nurse practitioners)  and the one that has had me wrapped since day one. He wears all his emotions on his face and he loves with all his heart. At 4 he still drags a star spangled “night night” everywhere he goes and he is 100% boy (and a mama’s boy).

I started to think that so often, being in the middle he can get lost in the shuffle of siblings, and I thought about how important it is not to “lose” our kids in the day to day hustle. I know that personally my goal as a mother is that my  children are never “lost”. Spiritually I want them to know Jesus and love Jesus first and before everything.

I want them never to feel unimportant, I want them to never get “lost” to the ideals that this ever troubled world may throw at them. I want them to  know that I will always find them no matter where they are in life. Anyway that was my deep thought after this dream … Perhaps this is why I don’t dream I think too much into them and become this sudden honorary mom-cologist with a pretend degree from CandyLand University.  Maybe it just meant, Cabby is getting ready to take off when I am least expecting it, so if that’s the case I am on high alert!

In other Barber’s Wife news, aside from the crazy dreams and the gnarly random sickness that over came me, I have been super busy in my shop. I have a craft show this weekend and I am wracking my brain to get some original things finished and ready to sale. As the holidays draw near, let me encourage you to shop local.

I usually shop local and small business, mostly because I like the uniqueness of an item and I feel like it adds a flair of “special” to the gift that you are purchasing. These local vendors are people those big name, carbon copy places are slowly pushing out. As a mama it is a big deal to be able to do something that I enjoy and stay home with my kids too,and still being able to put my family first. And I can’t do that UNLESS YOU BUY MY STUFF…. it’s for the kids!

So with that being said if you are looking for a small teachers gift, something for your boss, something unique for a new baby, or just something to spruce up the home,  check out my Etsy page The Barbers Wife and Co….. or, 


The Barbers Wife and Co.

if you are looking for something for your little girls to help add a little sparkle to their wardrobe look at   Twinkle Belle Bows , Zoe has gobs of these bows and she is stopped everywhere we go with admiration.

Twinkle Belle Bows

Also, look at Swallows Grace, the story behind this sweet company will melt your heart, in a nut shell they started making mugs to fund the adoption of their sweet little boy, Lane… ahhhh! get a tissue ready it is so sweet. I have a personalized cup from her already, the quality is great and I have another in the making (I have a small addiction to mugs).


Swallows Grace

These are just a couple of my favorites, I have tons more, just check them out you will love them too.

So I suppose the moral to this post…. shop small and don’t lose stuff….

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When we moved to Indiana 6 years ago from North Carolina I have to say that I was not thrilled {to put it nicely}.

After my first winter here I was ready to move back to North Carolina and never go north again…EVER.

And then SLOWLY I have adapted. I still despise the winter months and I rarely go out in the bitter cold and I am aware that this makes me a wimp on all accounts but I have accepted my wimpiness and I am STILL not looking forward to winter for the 6th year in a row.



Fall in Indiana is something like I have never seen.

With each year it becomes more and more intoxicating. There is something to be said about this small town that I live in. Around the end of September the once vibrant green corn fields suddenly turn brown and it’s like they have invited the nip in the air come October.

In North Carolina often fall comes in a flash. I remember being so warm on Halloween as a kid that my face paint literally melted off my face and you couldn’t wear a heavy costume with out having a heat stroke.


But in Indiana…. oh Fall is wonderful. The temperatures are PERFECT. October brings harvesting and long traffic lines behind combines and tractors. The early morning fog reminds us of the warm day but the chilly nights that follow. It is the best time of year for hoodies and flip flops… yes, I have become one of those people that my Papaw would laugh at. He would always say “looks to me like they are confused whether they wanna be hot or cold, craziest thing I’ve ever seen”.

I am in love with Indiana in the fall, and I believe that this love gets me through the freezing cold, glacial air, don’t check the mail unless you are expecting a check for a million dollars, weather. I look forward to autumns that are to come.

Indiana in the fall… that’s all.

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a bit of nostalgia

I think going on vacations makes me a bit weepy and nostalgic.

As a girl my mama raised me and my sister alone. Sure, we had the best extended family a girl could ask for, but I can remember looking at my mama as a little girl and thinking that there was nothing she couldn’t do. She raised my sister and I to be respectable, nice, lady like little girls. And because she raised us alone, there was often little room for extras in our tight budget (we managed to live without computers, tablets, and gadgets), occasionally, we got to go on a small vacation somewhere within driving distance. Lucky for me my mama made EVERY day an adventure. She was our best friend and together, the 3 of us made the most out of what we had. She would let us do small things like skip school on our birthdays, take us to our granny’s to play in the woods and mostly she spent time with us, if just cuddled on the couch chatting about life.  {to my mama, thank you and I love you bunches} She has always been our biggest fan, making us believe that there was NOTHING that we couldn’t do. {perhaps this is the reason for my spazzy ways today :/ }

So as an adult, I now have 4 children of my own and coming back from our 4th vacation of the year! I think how blessed we are. My children have been given opportunities that I would lay in the grass and dream about as a girl. When kids would come back from summer break and tell these extravagant stories of places they had been, I would sit in awe.

I have been blessed beyond my wildest dreams. I gave my life to Jesus at a young age of 15 believing and knowing that he would always be there for me. I am not rich by worldly standards and we certainly do not live in a mansion, but to us our small 3 bedroom home in small town America is more than I could have ever asked for.  My children want for nothing, they have a daddy that loves them beyond measure and works so hard to provide for them. They have a church and church family that is the center of their foundation. And most of all they know and love Jesus, and at the tender ages of 9,6,4, and 3 they are witnessing to the world around them. Blessed today, that is what I am. And if I live in this sweet little home of ours for the rest of our days, I will know that memories have been made here, love has always been felt here, chats with my kids about happenings in there lives have happened here, prayers have been said around our table and scriptures have been read in the living room.

I have come a long way from that frizzy haired lost little girl that grew up on Walnut street. I no longer find myself in a hazy day dream wishing for a life I don’t have. I have that life and tonight sitting in my quiet home with everyone safely tucked in, dreaming the sweetest dreams, I know that it just can’t get more perfect than this.



Philippians 4:11  ~~~ Not that I speak in respect of want: for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content.


The aww factor

To say that a vacation with my crazy crew is easy is stretching things a little. I think any mother of smaller children would tell you there is no such thing as a “real” vacation. 

As soon as we got there my sister in law and I were “fighting” for the washer and dryer (only moms understand the struggle) 

Sure, we leave our home town and travel to a touristy spot hoping for a moment of relaxation, (I am currently typing this in a bathroom sitting fully clothed mind you, but they don’t know this)… we do eat amazing food (with 8 kids on a trip and 6 adults we learned if we want to eat well sit them at a table alone and pretend like we don’t hear them making funny noises with there mouths and paper airplanes and spitting spit balls across the room)

We enjoy the stores and the unique shopping experiences. {running all over the store saying things in a loud,stern whisper like “don’t touch that!”, “one more time and you are gonna get it” and my favorite thing to do, yell across the store to my husband “GET YOUR KID” …. that takes the attention from me allowing me to shop for a mere 5 minutes before they meander across the store to find me again}
We enjoy the activities like go cart rides and rides at Dollywood…. 2 of the eight have grown enough over the summer that they can now ride ALL the rides leaving me to wrangle the others… one who can ride most, one who can ride a few and one who can only do a few things but insists he’s big and can do them all anyhow. 

Lots of ice cream bribery went in to this activity and there is no shame in my game.

 Nothing like waiting in a line believing he can ride with you only to carry him away kicking and screaming because he can’t…

BUT amidst all the chaos of going on a vacation with family, 8 of which are kids, the memories like Alex,Nelleigh, Zoe and Caleb riding the kiddie go carts will forever be engraved in our brains as the funniest things ever and then the time we forgot one on a bumper boat and didn’t realize until the attendant went out into the middle of the water to rescue her and the time that Alex and Zoe did the chicken chase at the Stampede. All these things make the crazy parts worth it. 

We love Gatlinburg and we are so blessed to have this family time together to unwind and laugh and maybe even cry a little.

Fall Break

Currently the time is 11pm and we are about 3 hours from our mountain destination. 

Traveling with this crew is ….. interesting to say the least. 

We left this evening around 6:30 in order to make the most out of tomorrow BUT as is the case for most of our vacations we are about 2 hours behind schedule.

For the past 30 min the driver of the swag wagon has had our satellite radio on SCAN, my least favorite button in the car. And because it’s not “regular” radio scan it’s even more annoying. 

About 3 hours in, the kids decided to pass out after lots of “heated fellowship” in the back seat. I’m telling you!!! A 15 passenger van looks better and better with each road trip we take. 

So fall break is off to a fantastic start. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow holds for my tribe of crazies …. tune in tomorrow because we are meeting up with the family and things are sure to get interesting.

building and BIG boo boo’s

There are some things that happen in life that should be chronicled.

For instance….

The day that I married the barber…. oh what a day!

The day that we learned that we were FINALLY expecting for the first time!

The day that he came into this world and breathed his first breathe {be still my heart, I still get teary eyed}

And then Zoe came (my baby girl, our ray of sunshine through a very dark cloud), and the unexpected but always loved, Caleb and then the baby, Alex.

The day that Braxton was diagnosed, the ups and downs and then the day he was declared to be in remission.

The day that we drove out of NC for the last time {ending one chapter} and into Indiana to stay for the long run 🙂 {beginning a new chapter}

And then there are those minor moments in between all those big ones, sometimes they are overlooked and then you look back one day and you wonder why you didn’t write that down.


Well, this is one for the books…. in the past WEEK, we have been to the ER 3 times!!! 3 times people!!!! I can’t make this stuff up. I only wonder what those doctors and nurses and those amazing people in radiology must think of my accident prone little’s.

You know you are there a bunch when EVERYONE there knows your crew by name! NO LIE!!! And they never ask questions or look at you like you are crazy people.

Last Monday Alex went to the ER to have his head glued back together after learning that he WAS NOT a monkey…

Then, on Friday we took Brac in because I failed as doctor mom the night before, in repairing a gash on his foot {honestly y’all, had that injury been anywhere but the heel of his foot, my 7 band aid, pressure bandage would have totally worked} and then I was back AGAIN tonight with Alex!!

1 Wagon +2 BOYS = 1 inevitable accident 

So after a CT and an x ray it was concluded that he only had a concussion. I have seen A LOT of injuries being the mama to 3 VERY active boys and this was by far one of the worst head injuries I have seen yet. He was lethargic, incoherent and literally knocked for a loop. I believe in the power of prayer because the little boy that I left the ER with was not the limp little boy I took in. Either way he is going to be fine. But seriously!! being a boy mom is NOT for the squeamish!


I must have apologized 15 times to the hospital staff for our disheveled appearance. Because everyone takes the time to go inside and clean up before rushing to the ER… RIGHT!?!

And now for the building part. I think we have been in our garage every night for the past month working on something or another, and I have to say that it makes me so very happy. I love that we have discovered something that we can all do as a family and it doesn’t get in the way of family time and leaves me completely flexible. I really have been praying that our little business will take off and be what I do when all the kids are in school in a couple of years.

Check out my Etsy page The Barbers Wife and Co. if you are looking for something unique for your home with a bit of rustic flair.

So now I am going to become one with my pillow after a VERY emotionally draining day.

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