Car Line shenanigans

Some days while sitting in the car line that is the time that my boys decide to go a little coo coo.

I wonder what the other minivan moms must be thinking as my van rocks to and fro as the cowboys inside ride imaginary ponies in the back seat and have dance parties to their favorite kids radio songs. 

What’s even more interesting is how I manage to sit in the front completely unaware of the crazies that are going on back there, sipping my coffee and pinning away. 

Case in point … only when I decided to glance in my rear view did I realize that the little blond one managed to escape his car seat and decided to have a party by himself in the trunk. Now imagine how that would have looked had I decided to pull away with my preschooler smiling and waving from trunk. 

On a more serious note I was so sadden yesterday to hear of the shooting at the elementary school in SC. That morning I prayed with my kids on the way to school probably more fervent than I usually do but it was loud and I made them repeat me. And then I read about the shooting and my heart became so heavy for those families and I was instantly thankful for my children’s safe place with me. 

Pray for your children everyday. Let them hear you. Even if it may seem like you are annoying them, it is the very best way for them to start their day. I try not to worry or live in fear and I have learned that the best way to do that is to pray… loudly in the mornings and tell the Lord how thankful I am when I pick them up. Thankful for their safety and their safe place in my crazy minivan.


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