The ring of fire 😳

Chamomile sleepy time tea. 

Clean house.

Kids and the barber tucked into bed. 

10 wooden pallets in my drive way waiting for me to attack them in the morning. 

BLOW TORCH in hand and stacks of signs to distress ….. YES!!!!  I. LOVE. MY. ME. TIME!!!! And I don’t feel one itty bitty amount of regret saying that. 

All day my world revolves around those tiny humans that follow me around and keep calling me “mom”, by the end of the day I don’t think there are any parts of me that don’t ache and scream for a heating pad. So if all I am alotted is 45 min of alone time well you better believe this ole girl is gonna make the most of it… and that may bring out the pyromaniac part of me and with that I am ok too. 

Before I go to bed, y’all have to prepare yourselves for tomorrow it is Calebs day to pick out a dress up outfit to wear to school …. his description already has me in tears of laughter … 

that is all …. TTFN 


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