Busy Bees

Do y’all know it has taken me all day to paint this ONE sign! ALL. DAY!!!!! It’s a 7″ x 12″ piece for goodness sake!

It’s for sale by the way in my etsy shop The Barbers Wife and Co … I had 4 kids home today which isn’t normal during the school year but the lovely Miss Z had a doctors appointment in Cincinnati and that is just how things fell… 

Speaking of which I managed to load 5 kids in the van early this morning, drop one at school and take the remaining crew to the appointment 2 preschoolers, one toddler, and sassy Jane. And yes, I bribed them the entire way and once we were at the desired destination the doctor walked in just as I was giving my final…. Pep Talk to the boys with a pointed finger and squinted eyes. I quickly turned around smiled my best southern charm smile and went into professional mom mode…. Giving sideways glances of death when necessary …..

My day has been fabulous. I managed to have dinner on the table by 7, everyone fed and bathed and bedtime ready by 9 …. Major awesome points for me {toot toot, and a pat on the back}


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