I’m crooked 

I was diagnosed with Scoliosis when I was 15.

Young and carefree I never followed up with it as I got Older and had baby after baby. 

So today after a LOT of nagging and pleading from family members and because lately the pain is too much most days, I am sitting in an orthopedics office with pics of bone replacements on the wall, pondering what they will do with my crooked spine. 

In all honesty I am sure they will say something like, your going to have to deal with this the best you know how (which is what I am doing) and since I am anti-pill the pain will have to be something that I manage. 

I just had my “pictures” made and according to the sweet radiology tech I “definitely have some curvature. 

Here’s to a good report 🙂 


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