The quiet before the STORM


Nap time.

This is my very favorite time of day. It’s the moment when a peaceful hush falls over my otherwise, chaotic home. Sometimes I am so busy moving around the house that I forget to stop and listen to the hush in the room.

Today I listened.

After cleaning out the boys closet {3 boys-1 closet} and going through their toys and arguing with them about the toys they haven’t touched since Christmas, only to learn that toy with the broken wheel is “special, and I’m saving it” … OK, I made a mental note to retrieve said broken toy after they are asleep tonight.  Then I cleaned all the windows and organized my room and started on another project and then I realized, it was NOON!!

I rounded up the rugrats and you better believe they didn’t go down without a fight. Cabby actually insisted that after closing his eyes for a literal 2 min stretch that it was “the best nap he’d ever had”.  Commence fit pitching and being pulled like a dead man back to his respective spot.

I live for the chaos that is my crazy home. I have 4 kids, who has 4 or more kids and doesn’t enjoy some level of crazy?? But sometimes it’s nice to sit back and listen to the hum in the air. To regroup and decompress before that sweet moment of napping is done and you are right back in the tornado of your life.

So in my final moments of solitude, I will drink my coffee, fiddle with my candles and enjoy the hum of the dishwasher, and only the dishwasher.

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