Car Line shenanigans

Some days while sitting in the car line that is the time that my boys decide to go a little coo coo.

I wonder what the other minivan moms must be thinking as my van rocks to and fro as the cowboys inside ride imaginary ponies in the back seat and have dance parties to their favorite kids radio songs. 

What’s even more interesting is how I manage to sit in the front completely unaware of the crazies that are going on back there, sipping my coffee and pinning away. 

Case in point … only when I decided to glance in my rear view did I realize that the little blond one managed to escape his car seat and decided to have a party by himself in the trunk. Now imagine how that would have looked had I decided to pull away with my preschooler smiling and waving from trunk. 

On a more serious note I was so sadden yesterday to hear of the shooting at the elementary school in SC. That morning I prayed with my kids on the way to school probably more fervent than I usually do but it was loud and I made them repeat me. And then I read about the shooting and my heart became so heavy for those families and I was instantly thankful for my children’s safe place with me. 

Pray for your children everyday. Let them hear you. Even if it may seem like you are annoying them, it is the very best way for them to start their day. I try not to worry or live in fear and I have learned that the best way to do that is to pray… loudly in the mornings and tell the Lord how thankful I am when I pick them up. Thankful for their safety and their safe place in my crazy minivan.


Let them be littleย 

Between the ages of 2-5 I have always let my kids pick out their own clothes everyday. 

I think it makes them feel like they are independent  and while it may never (almost always) match or it may be completely outlandish, they did it all by their self and the look of satisfaction is more than enough for this mama. 

Today at preschool was dress up day and you have no idea how happy my Cabby was when he found out he could dress up in whatever he wanted. 

Happy Tuesday ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

The ring of fire ๐Ÿ˜ณ

Chamomile sleepy time tea. 

Clean house.

Kids and the barber tucked into bed. 

10 wooden pallets in my drive way waiting for me to attack them in the morning. 

BLOW TORCH in hand and stacks of signs to distress ….. YES!!!!  I. LOVE. MY. ME. TIME!!!! And I don’t feel one itty bitty amount of regret saying that. 

All day my world revolves around those tiny humans that follow me around and keep calling me “mom”, by the end of the day I don’t think there are any parts of me that don’t ache and scream for a heating pad. So if all I am alotted is 45 min of alone time well you better believe this ole girl is gonna make the most of it… and that may bring out the pyromaniac part of me and with that I am ok too. 

Before I go to bed, y’all have to prepare yourselves for tomorrow it is Calebs day to pick out a dress up outfit to wear to school …. his description already has me in tears of laughter … 

that is all …. TTFN 

Busy Bees

Do y’all know it has taken me all day to paint this ONE sign! ALL. DAY!!!!! It’s a 7″ x 12″ piece for goodness sake!

It’s for sale by the way in my etsy shop The Barbers Wife and Co … I had 4 kids home today which isn’t normal during the school year but the lovely Miss Z had a doctors appointment in Cincinnati and that is just how things fell… 

Speaking of which I managed to load 5 kids in the van early this morning, drop one at school and take the remaining crew to the appointment 2 preschoolers, one toddler, and sassy Jane. And yes, I bribed them the entire way and once we were at the desired destination the doctor walked in just as I was giving my final…. Pep Talk to the boys with a pointed finger and squinted eyes. I quickly turned around smiled my best southern charm smile and went into professional mom mode…. Giving sideways glances of death when necessary …..

My day has been fabulous. I managed to have dinner on the table by 7, everyone fed and bathed and bedtime ready by 9 …. Major awesome points for me {toot toot, and a pat on the back}

I’m crookedย 

I was diagnosed with Scoliosis when I was 15.

Young and carefree I never followed up with it as I got Older and had baby after baby. 

So today after a LOT of nagging and pleading from family members and because lately the pain is too much most days, I am sitting in an orthopedics office with pics of bone replacements on the wall, pondering what they will do with my crooked spine. 

In all honesty I am sure they will say something like, your going to have to deal with this the best you know how (which is what I am doing) and since I am anti-pill the pain will have to be something that I manage. 

I just had my “pictures” made and according to the sweet radiology tech I “definitely have some curvature. 

Here’s to a good report ๐Ÿ™‚ 

Sunday’s are always Crazy


โ€‹In the brief second that they didn’t realize they were being videoed they were fighting… Like a cage match of MMA fighters over seat space.

After service we wait on the Barber to lock up the church and I am encaged with a bunch of crazy people.

That’s our life on Sunday’s. It’s the life we love and know. Happy Sunday.

A spot of tea

Norah Jones is crooning in the back ground, the tea that I made earlier has been reheated and finally I am sitting down to enjoy it. The hum of the dishwasher silently says “well done,mama, well done.

Today has been a Monday of Tuesdays. The Labor Day holiday did me in. We trekked an hour and a half to a small town in Ohio to go to a Renaissance Festival on the hottest day of the summer. The Barber got sick from a heat and turkey leg combo, so we called it quit early and headed back home. And let me just say there were some… characters at this event. No offense to anyone that may frequent this event yearly but regardless of the temps outside clothes that cover ones body appropriately are a GREAT idea. I will say that it made for GREAT “people watching” that was somewhat more entertaining than the jousting. On top of all that fun,ย  I have been fighting this monster of a sinus infection for over a week and I am ready to not feel like a Zombie again.

Alexander, decided that today was a great day to show those “not so good three’s” and he didn’t quite make it completely crazy but man, oh man, did he come close. The baby is really pushing this mama bear lately. He has decided that “naps are for sissy’s and my ain’t a sissy” and that he is a scurvy pirate and they don’t need naps AT ALL!

However, come 4:30 in the afternoon that pirate most certainly needed a nap! {for his own safety} He has also decided that grasshoppers make FABULOUS indoor pets! Ummm don’t think so killer!! So after chasing it around it was captured and sent back to his natural home.


Being a mama of boys is not for the squeamish that. is. for. sure.

Tonight we had spaghetti, Caleb’s all time favorite. And NO one seemed to be happy with the dinner before them {except for the scurvy pirate, he lapped it up} …. and that was all it took for me.

I have a “don’t say ewwww” policy that I am strict by cause I believe it’s rude and that’s how my mama raised me and lately I have added the “don’t complain either” amendment. UGH!! nothing worse than sitting down for probably the first time all day only to have EVERYONE {but the pirate} complain. So the hammer was dropped and they sat there until plates were cleared…. solely on principal. No dessert was handed out and I can almost guarantee there will be little to no complaining in the future.

Now, they are all snug in their beds ย and sweet as pie and I am sitting back telling myself just how awesome I am, and having a long chat with Jesus because I know that He will listen to me when the rest of the house seems to have a tunnel from ear to ear.

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