Sick day (ummm never mind)

I learned a long time ago,about 1 kid in,that sick days are not allowed for mamas. Whether you go to work outside of the home or you are a domesticated diva like myself, it just ain’t happenin’.

When I worked I would go to work and be miserable and still worry about the finer details, like whether I remembered to put that load of wash in the dryer, or did I blow out the candle in the bathroom or did they finish their homework. Now as a stay at home mom I worry more and it is all at my fingertips and I have added 2 kids, someone else has entrusted me with their tiny human for a few hours a day and I decided it would be a great idea to make stuff and beg people to buy it and pretend that it is the most awesome thing that they have ever purchased.

I woke up this morning with a gnarly cold (in August) and I have felt like an alien from another planet, I have a literal mountain of laundry to fold but I have decided that it will just have to wait until I feel up to it and I have carpooled kids here and there. I have a dozen candles that need to be salvaged and ya’ll, I don’t wanna do any of it.

I picked up Caleb from preschool and although he is my introvert, so far he has gotten into the most trouble. And he acts like it isn’t a huge deal and goes about his merry way. To this I am left scratching my head. At 4, he has somehow learned to only give minimal details of a story and conveniently forget the more incriminating parts. I suppose I will need to investigate this.

Yesterday, we had to go to Cincinnati with Zoe to visit her dermatologist. She has a skin condition known as Polymorphic light Eruption (never heard of it until now) basically she breaks out in a huge welted rash when exposed to too much sunlight. It is easily treated with heavy duty sunscreen, ointments and coverings… easy, ha!!!  But we got a good report from her dermatologist and we got a thumbs up for getting it under control.

All in a days work so I suppose I will sip my soup and pretend to be all better for the greater good of the {Adkins} people and get to “mom-ing”


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PS…. check out this awesome shelf we constructed and painted ( you can have one too at The Barbers Wife and Co )14107752_10157350415555367_8573460839509620554_o


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