New Chapters

Raising my children and making sure that they are in a good home, and  secure in their environment has always been my number one priority. I want them to know that I am always there when they need me and I feel like to do that I need to be home and “available”.

I have so much respect for working moms, I understand that you do what you have to do to provide for your family, once upon a time I was a working mom and it was an essential part of our life. But since moving to Indiana, we prayed about it and we believe that the best place for me to be is at home, and you know what? I have actually grown to enjoy it very much. It is a blessing for me to be able to get up in the morning and fix breakfast for my family, to take the kids to school and pray with them at the door of the school. It is a treasure for me to spend the day with my little ones and know that they have been with me EVERYDAY since day one. I have literally never a missed a moment.

So…now that they are all heading off to school now {I only have 1 still home with me all day} it was time to start thinking of something to do with my time. I don’t consider myself very “crafty” at all…. in fact I am not friends with ribbon or glue guns or anything that requires any type of artsy personality, but I do however, LOVE a power tool…. little ole me loves to hammer stuff together and boy oh boy!! give me a drill and I am a happy girl. But if you really wanna see me happy give me a blow torch!!

I think the barber and I have found something that we can do and actually enjoy doing together. We have opened and Etsy Shop! He does the putting together, I come up with the ideas and and finish it up. We are also going to be making candles. We love that this is a family affair, as everything usually is with us. We love the fact that we can get our kids involved in the creating process. We are also going to be making soy and beeswax candles and other simple wooden items. Hopefully with the help of Jesus and lots of prayer this can really be something for us.

Find my shop here >> The Barbers Wife and Co.


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