Out of the mouth of babes

I started “blogging” to remember the things that my mama brain would surely forget, like what they did in the car line or what they said on the playground, or that recipe that I made up and would undoubtedly forget to write down.

In my years of writing I have started countless journals and online journals {because I am flighty and I often forget where I put things, even online things}. But since having my kids remembering those adorable little isms’  or recipes that they loved seems to be a driving force for me.

My number 3 Caleb (Cabby) has started preschool – we will not go into how heartbroken I was because the tears and sobs my rush back- and  although he only goes 2 days a week the stories are already hilarious and something that I never want to forget.

I make it a point to ask them how their days were as soon as they get in the car and so far Caleb is proving to have the most exciting days at school.

Today ….

Me: what did you do today buddy?

Cabby: Nuffin’ (typical), we couldn’t play outside because there where HUUUUGE alligators, and T-rex’s and a Brontosaurus outside…. (as if that is perfectly normal), but we played in the barn.

Me: who did you play with?

Cabby: Mooom, I can’t tell you their names it’s top secret (long pause) ok, they are “Stinky Feet”, “Party Pooper” and “Door Knob Smith” (completely straight faced and without a pause)

Y’all I can not make this stuff up…. Caleb is my introvert, who loves books, rarely remembers the names of kids he’s met and has the wildest imagination. I think it is safe to say that this year is going to be the funniest year yet.

Having 4 kids was not something that I planned on, having 2 was barely planned but seeing that 4 is what we have I can not imagine my life with out them. I have no idea what I did for entertainment before they came along.

Alexander is lonely without his big brother here but he is quickly adjusting to having me all to himself for a couple of hours.

And my princess, my Zoe, got in the car today with the most sad, heartbroken look on her face, I knew that she had gotten in trouble at school because that is a look that says “I’m guilty but I’m still pitiful” …. evidently someone else made her get in trouble in gym and she alone had to sit on the wall. Oh poor girl! Eventually people will learn they that she does no wrong….

~~~~ Stay tuned for more adventures from the Barbershop Quartet ~~~~~


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