My favorite time . . .

I do believe that my favorite time of the day is right now… late in the evening.

The kitchen is sparkling.

The barbershop quartet are all scrubbed up from the afternoon outdoor adventures and tucked safe and snug in their beds. We have said our prayers and everyone is sleeping so sound.

The house is eerily quite, every creak in the floors  and the still in the air can be heard.

It’s the first time all day that I have really sat down to breathe.

I am achy from the weekend and sore from the day. My eyes are so heavy that I am having trouble keeping them open making them burn.

BUT I know that this moment whether small or large is important to me. I know that in this moment. I regroup, let all the tiffs and moans and groans of the day roll off. I take the moment for ME. I take this moment to sit in peaceful meditation. Just me and Jesus.

I call on Him all day, mostly to keep my sanity. Sometimes to ask him WHYYYYY!!! And then in this moment, my moment at the end of my long crazy day with my wild and crazy crew, in that still quite place…. I remember. I remember that God gave me a little boy who would overcome obstacles, a little girl that makes me smile and love life, another sweet and mischievous little boy to remind that I am the “bestest” mama there is (at least in his eyes) and one more little guy to remind me daily that sometimes the most wonderful blessings are unexpected rays of sunshine.

Now as I do what I love to do and sip my tea I will reminisce on the daily events. Like the moment that #3 asked #4 to “give me a boost so I can unlock this door” and down on all 4’s he would go and gladly oblige. I love my simply chaotic little life in my 1500 sq ft world and tonight I am remembering that first I am Mama.


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