Try It Tuesday #3

Waking up this spring morning to a temperature of 29 was too much for me!! I am beyond ready for spring!

#2 asked me “mom, is Summer EVER gonna get here” and without missing a beat #3 says “no sis, we live in Indiana” . . .  He can be so funny sometimes without even trying.

There is still quite a nip in the air and nothing warms us up like a hearty pasta dish. Tonight I decided on a bit of the Mediterranean.

We LOVE Greek food!

When Braxton was sick there was a little Greek restaurant sitting just under an overpass, down the road from the hospital and we frequented it often. “Chicken on a stick” being my favorite and lamb gyro’s being a favorite of the Barbers.

So I found a dish that combines those flavors right in my own kitchen and it was super easy to throw together . . . my favorite.

I also threw together some green beans and potatoes with a splash of Greek vinaigrette salt and pepper.

If you like spices and a cream sauce then this is a fabulous dish to try. There wasn’t a clean plate in the house.  Find the recipe here >>>> Tuscan Chicken


For dessert we made spring and summer come to us with strawberry shortcakes . . . .  we are thinking warm thoughts with hopes that the weather would cooperate.


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