Enjoy the messes …

I am a mama to 4.

They fuss and bicker with each other on a regular basis.

They are loud and rambunctious.

They are gross, and they make messes everywhere they go.

They are the reason I love “2nd Hand” anything.

They are the reason I can never make it to the gym or sleep past 7 or get in the bed before 10.

They make me laugh.

They entertain me.

They complete me.

They are more than wonderful to me.

I am a mama to 4. I couldn’t imagine a day without them. I am bored without the chaos and the messes.

My house is rarely never showroom ready. There are usually dishes in the sink because I can’t wash them fast enough and the laundry…. well, the laundry is an evil demon from the pits of Hades. A family of 6 will do that.

And some days are strictly called “underpants day” because who needs pants anyway. 12039747_10156748344045367_5314543623593059621_n

We prayed fervently for #1. We wanted a baby, we were ready for a baby. There was a time that we didn’t know if we were going to be able to have a baby…. and then we were blessed.

He was a bundle of joy, the shining ray of sunshine in our world. He was the best baby. So sweet and well mannered. He was perfectly and wonderfully made. And then it changed in a day. Suddenly the light went out and he was so sick and with one  6 letter word, the normal and wonderful life that we had was flipped upside down. We lived a good life. We go to church 3 days a week, we devote our lives to serving Jesus. And it truly is the center of our life. Why would something so horrible happen to us???

At first, I was so angry and mad and resentful because I am a mama, and I am human. I had to really check my spirit and learn to lean on Jesus, we always say that we will but so many when put to the test give up and I was at that point. And then one day my mind was made up, I remember saying “OK, God! If this is the trial that we are going to go through FINE {in a bratty voice} but we will not be defeated”…. and in the end. We were not defeated!! He was not defeated!!! #1 came through on top, like a boss.

We gained faith and hope and understanding and strength, I knew I would have never made it without my Jesus. Screenshot 2016-04-01 16.53.21

So, I say all that to say this. I like messes… I don’t mind to clean them up…. some days most days it is tiring {down right exhausting}. I feel like all I do is go behind kids. But I have learned to enjoy them. I don’t fuss so much over the dirty faces, or the mismatched clothes or the toys in the floor of their rooms or even when they don’t make their beds. I remember the eerie quiet, the dark spotless hallways… and the days in a row that I didn’t have things to pick up or faces to wipe off because he was too sick to play.

Messy rooms, and cluttered hallways mean that we have a crew of happy HEALTHY kids that are living life and being kids… for that I am grateful. For that I am happy and my cup runneth over. SO enjoy the mess a bit, relax and live in the moment of a lived in house. Clean up when company comes over… OOOK  maybe a little more than that.

Tonight the kids picked dinner… corn dogs and tater tots (feel free to message me for that recipe) …. less mess to clean up 🙂

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