Tomato Basil Goodness

It is a nasty rainy Thursday here in Southern Indiana … yet again. But I will take this over snow any day I suppose. The little boys love rainy days because this gives them an opportunity to wear rain boots and splash and play and gather… worms. They are obsessed with worms right now. So today me being the ultra cool mama that I am {LOL 🙂 yeah I’m sure} decided to throw together a make shift worm farm and who would have thought this would be so much fun. . . for THEM. They would “capture” a worm, bring it to me for “inspection” and throw it in the farm. AND this made them smile and give me kisses so I loved their farm too …  and of course in true #3 fashion he had to come in, sit down and “study” the worm book to ensure that everything was done properly. IMG_20160331_084337.jpg

 With that being said, {because the thought of gross little worms makes me want to talk food I’m sure}  rainy days make me want to stay in my jammies, cuddle up under a cozy blanket, sip my coffee and it always makes me want soup, whether it is warm or cold outside I still want soup. So I think that tonight I will whip up a pot of my Tomato Basil Soup and have some grilled cheese and call it nice.

#2 of the quartet LOVES tomatoes and last year in the barbers garden he planted 4 tomato plants just for her that produced and produced and PRODUCED…. until the end of summer. So I had an abundance of tomatoes that I had to find a use for. The barber and the quartet were so kind to get me a pressure canner and  mason jars last year for Mothers day, so I decided to put them to use and voila!!!! Tomato sauce, paste and fire roasted tomatoes for an entire year!!

One of my favorite soups is tomato basil and Panera is about the only place that I have been that I am absolutely in love with it. But, alas here in my little tiny town there is no such place so I had to improvise.

I am sharing with you my top secret Tomato Basil heaven in a bowl. . .

{obviously I can’t keep a secret}

You will need:


a large can of tomato sauce

whipping cream


one can of chicken broth

Parmesan cheese

Now do this: 

  1. Start with melting a half a stick of butter, watch because you don’t want it to scortch
  2. slowly add  tomato sauce, chicken broth , basil, salt and pepper
  3. once this is heated through slowly add about a 1/2 cup of whipping cream
  4. stir this together until well blended, cook about 5-7 minutes
  5. add parm to taste and enjoy

We like to add a little cheddar cheese and goldfish crackers {cause it’s fun}

I also serve this with a pepper-jack and Munster grilled cheese that is to die for . . . it’s just what you need on a dreary day like this, just waiting on a tornado to drop out of the sky at any moment.


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