super heros and rainy ice cream

Lights and sirens cut us off on the way to get ice cream this evening (I will elaborate on this excursion later :/) the Barber says “probably a serious emergency for all those cars” and from the back of our van pipes in a little voice….#3 says ” QUICK!! Call the Powerpuff girls they’ll know what to do!”

This is just a small taste of my everyday life.

They make me laugh and that makes the rain and the wind and the nip in the air OK.

Now, about that ice cream event. Southern Indiana is FAR from Florida in late March… so you can imagine with this only being the 3rd day of Spring that it is still a bit chilly in the evening…. ESPECIALLY in the wind and rain!

The barber has yet to realize, in 6 years, that I’m a Carolina girl and I’m not made for such weather. I want you to know this is the 2nd time in a week that he has loaded us up in the car and taken us for ice cream… in the rainin the cold and then made us SIT. OUT. IN. IT!!! 

I am telling you what’s the truth!!! Now everyone in the family will have pneumonia next week because he was craving an ice cream cone… IN THE RAIN…. IN THE COLD! Poor #4 was sitting there shivering as the ice cream covered his little face and dripped down his arm. But he seems to be just as stubborn as his daddy because after ever shiver he took another bite.

The things we do for love…. now I believe I will take him to Starbucks and make him drink a coffee this summer… outside…. in the rain… in 90 degree weather and give him a dose of his own medicine as I look at him and say… “bless your heart”. 🙂

Being his wife is such an adventure. In 14 years together (13 married in June) he drives me bonkers but we were clearly made for each other. I am spazzy and unorganized and he is orderly and prompt, but we haven’t killed each other yet and  I suppose this is a good thing. I do realize however, that while we are both still in our early 30’s we are more like an elderly couple especially when grocery shopping. Because I am so spazzy I sometimes  most of the time forget a few a lot of things on the list and I am notorious for throwing it in the cart.

The barber being the meticulous money manager that he is, has that store nailed down! He can tell you right now how much it will cost to make a lasagna for supper almost to the penny…. it’s rather impressive. With that being said it is not uncommon to hear us from 4 isles down “discussing” the list …

I forgot olives….. no!! no!! it’s not on the list…. hand it here! There, now it’s on the list…. grumbles and groans and mumbles under his breathe as he calculates numbers …

He loves being my barber 😉 ”
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