Try It Tuesday!

When I was little my mama raised me and my sister alone. For the most part she was our very best friend but in the times that she was “mama” we learned lessons without even realizing they were lessons.

One thing that stands out in my mind that I have carried on to my children is the “you don’t know if you like it unless you try it” rule. In this home we have a very diverse palate. We love trying new dishes and we very much enjoy trying new restaurants. (OK, the barber and I do more than the kids, but one day they will thank us 🙂 )

However, I have managed to have some of the pickiest eaters ever. And this makes dinner prep and planning a bit of a challenge. I have a rule that the words “ewww, gross or I am not eating that” are NEVER to be spoken, unless you have tried it before and you know for a fact that they are “ewww, gross and never to be eaten again”. They have learned quickly and early in life. For example … brussel sprouts EWWW, GROSS and NEVER EVER AGAIN!

With that being said I have tried desperately to get my monkeys to eat everything, right down to raw oysters! Thank goodness for Pinterest. Tonight’s  “Try It” dish was “Chicken in a garlic and lemon cream sauce”. Get the recipe here


I LOVED this dish because it was a one skillet meal. It was simple but very tasty. It was also a hit all around the table. I will definitely be making this again.

Now, I could tell you what I put in it but my style of cooking doesn’t allow for accurate measurements, it consists of a couple of “glugs” and a pinch or handful of this and that. I tweak every recipe that I try a little, making it a little bit my own but I think  this is what makes a persons cooking special.  I paired it with mashed potatoes and sweetened steamed corn (only using about a half a stick of butter) … As Paula Deen once said “I am a cook not a doctor” 🙂

I can remember asking my Granny as a girl how to make biscuits and she simply responded “it’s all in the pinky”. I am so blessed to have such wonderful cooks to share there wisdom with me.

What would you like to see me cook next week? I know that trying new things can be a little “scary”, let my family be your dinner time guinea pig.




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